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Honor Roll

Alumni Scholars Program Donors

The Cal Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges donors who have contributed $25,000 or more to CAA Alumni Scholars Program. The following list is updated each year.

$100,000 and above

Douglas E. Adams ’59 and Judith Clemetson Adams ’61, C. Mult. ’62

Dorothy Alderman ’38

Robert C. Aronoff ’73

Steven N. Bangert ’71 and Beth Bangert

The Dwight and Nancy Barker FamilyLegallet

Ralph Barnum

Frederick W. Bauer ’43 and Elizabeth Kelley Bauer ’41, M.A. ’43

Marilyn Fini Beach ’55, Cred/Cert ’56

Harmon C. Bell ’28

Black Engineering and Science Alumni Club

Fay H. Blair ’49, MBA ’50 and Linda Blair

Theodore F. Blitz ’50, Cred/Cert ’52, M.A. ’57

Ben Bloom ’48, M.A. ’49, Ph.D. ’51

Cal Alumni Club of Oakmont

Dean W. Carr Jr. ’53, MBA ’57

Central Coast Cal Alumni Chapter

Chevron Corporation

Roy B. Christie Jr. ’42

Carol Kavanagh Clarke ’60 and Col. Robert M. Clarke ’57, MBA ’59

Sylvan C. Coleman ’26

Gladys R. Cosens ’51

Ethel L. Cross ’33

William D. Emerson

The Eva Benson Buck Trust

Laurence G. Fitzsimmons Jr. ’40

Phyllis Epstein Friedman

Henry M. Gay

Caroline Fechter Giers ’58 and Paul E. Giers D.D.S. ’61

Douglas E. Goldman ’74 and Lisa M. Goldman

Peter R. Hammond and Dorothy L. Hammond

Robert W. Harris and Shirley Harris

Norma L. Hill and Ernest J. Hill

Walter E. Hoadley ’38, M.A. ’40, Ph.D. ’47 and Virginia Alm Hoadley ’38

Raymond E. Horan Jr. ’38 and Erma Zeek Horan ’40

Mary B. Horton

Richard W. Hyman ’62

Katharine H. Irwin

Jack and Adele Mason Family Foundation Inc

Y S Harvey Jang

Bo I. Jesperson

Dorothy Ahlburg Johnson ’62 and F. Martin Johnson

Patricia Offield Jovick ’36

Karen L. Kao ’71 and William C. Kao

Alan M. Kay ’54

John R. Kleespies MBA ’48

Ruth Biebesheimer Klingner ’39, Cred/Cert ’40, M.S.W. ’69 and Evans N. Klingner ’37

Theodore H. “Ted” Kruttschnitt III ’64 and Alexia Kruttschnitt

Virginia Leach ’38

Suzanne Legallet ’60

Jane M. Leroe ’68, J.D. ’71 and Peter S. Munoz ’68, M.A. ’70, J.D. ’75

Klein V. Lieu ’13 and Anaïs R. Lieu ’13

Winifred M. Madigan ’39

Iona Rockwell Main ’49 and William Main ’48

Barbara Malatesta

John A. Malatesta ’71

Marin Community Foundation

Thomas Z. Marshall ’37

Christina Maslach and Philip G. Zimbardo

Richard J. Mason

Marie Lewis Matthews ’52 and Edward E. Matthews

Louise M. McClaughry ’35

Jeanne Grassens McHugh ’47 and Edward W. McHugh ’51, Cred/Cert ’56

Daniel G. McKinney ’42 and Violet McKinney

Barbara Benson Meyer ’58, C.Mult. ’59

John H. Meyer ’42, MBA ’76 and Marie G. Meyer

Patricia Alexander Milliken ’38 and William J. Milliken ’34

Marcelite Seba Moore ’55

William J. Morison ’51

Robert S. Newton

Ted R. Nissen ’49 and Patricia G. Nissen

Robert G. O’Donnell ’65, MBA ’66 and Sue D. O’Donnell

Taihi M. Paik ’59 and Harkmoon Paik

Charles O. Parsons

Darwin R. Poulos ’82 and Donna E. Poulos ’93

Prytanean Alumnae, Inc.

Pamela Newmark Reed ’64 and Phillip Reed

Edward J. Ritelli ’40

Gregory L. Rosston ’84 and Barbara Aaron-Rosston

John (Jack) and Barbara Rosston

Eric Schmidt M.S. ’79, Ph.D. ’82 and Wendy Schmidt M.J. ’81

Helen Marguerite Schoeneman ’24

Sylvia M. Smolick ’56, M.A. ’78

The Starr Foundation

Phyllis B. Thelen and Max Thelen Jr. ’40

Katharine Wallace Thompson and Morley P. Thompson

George O. Thorne ’34

Raymond P. Totah

Trancos, Inc.

Kaya Tuncer ’62 and Mary Tuncer ’63

UC Alumni Club of San Diego (Cal Alumni Club of San Diego County)

UC Chinese Alumni Foundation and CAA Chinese Chapter

UC Club of Santa Clara County

Michael Walford ’63 and Pamela M. Walford

Carol M. Watson ’48, Cred/Cert ’49, M.A. ’52

Michael H. Weisman ’63 and Elizabeth A. Weisman M.A. ’65

Jane Hammond Weller ’59

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Victor W. Willits ’62, Ed.D. ’68 and Arlene J. Willits ’63, M.A. ’67

Sheila M. Wishek ’58

Shuhong Ye MBA ’05




Michele La Clerque Aldrich ’64 and Terry M. Aldrich M.A. ’64

Alpha Tau Omega Foundation of Berkeley

Jesse A. Ante ’68, M.S. ’70

Beverlee Antoine ’35 and George K. Antoine

Edward Beatson ’64

Kenneth E. Beaver ’35

Frank Bettencourt ’61

Dorothy Thompson Biddick ’44

E Morse Blue ’34 and Mary H. Blue

Thomas W. Borden ’48 and Barbara S. Borden

Robert O. Briggs ’51

Mary Powell Brownson ’48 and Howard E. Brownson ’48

Marvin H. Buchanan ’65 and An Ra Hong Buchanan ’70, M.Arch. ’73

Paul Buck

Morris A. Budak ’70 and Renee Levie Budak ’72

Carolyn E. Burwell

Nancy Nies Byl Ph.D. ’85 and Frederick M. Byl Jr. ’61

Cal Alumni Club of Berkeley-Oakland-Piedmont

Cal Alumni Club of Monterey Peninsula

Cal Alumni Club of the Peninsula

Cal Alumni Club of Rossmoor

Cal Alumni Group of San Francisco

Cal Alumni Student Association

Cal Club of San Joaquin County

California Community Foundation

Bak-Ying Chan ’70, MBA ’79 and Betty Chan

Earl F. Cheit and June A. Cheit

Minder Cheng MBA ’89, M.S. ’91, Ph.D. ’94 and Wen Hsu

Mary S. Cheu

Patricia L. Chew ’77

Daniel É. Chien, Esq. ’91

TY Chiu Ph.D. ’83 and Amy C. Chiu

Suzanne Christensen

Karen Leong Clancy ’76 and Dallan P. Clancy ’76, M.S. ’77, M.Eng. ’78

Roy A. Clark ’49

Stephen R. Clark ’76 and Patrizia G. Clark

Robert C. Cliff ’66, Ph.D. ’71 and Catherine C. Cliff

John M. Coil ’59, M.S. ’61 and Ann P. Coil

James T. Curry Jr. ’58 and Barbara Hartman Curry ’58, Cred/Cert ’59

Ivor deKirby ’40 and Edele deKirby ’39

David T. Dickson M.S. ’64, MBA ’69

Hugh W. Ditzler Jr. ’53 and Nancy Moncure Ditzler ’54

Arthur K. Dunlop ’47

Raymond D. Edwards ’41 and Editha A. Edwards

Shelby Stone Eklund ’84 and Robert G. Eklund Jr. ’84

Anthony T. Ellis II ’51 and Jane C. Ellis

Mary M. Engstrom ’46

Gloria P. Exline ’43, C.Esing ’44

Denise Lu Fan ’02 and Jonathan S. Fan ’02

Barbara Ziegler Fernbacher ’52 and George L. Fernbacher Jr. ’51

Robin Rosentrater Fine ’67, M.A. ’68, M.P.H. ’75 and Mark J. Fine M.A. ’68

Elizabeth Sauer FitzSimmons ’42

Esther-Ann Stewart Forbes ’26

Roger A. Franklin ’63

Robin Gray Frazier ’65 and Peter B. Frazier ’61

Gregory A. Ginsburg ’84 and Jody A. Ginsburg

Alice K. Glaese ’37 and John L. Glaese ’35, C.EAS ’48

Edward H. Graalfs ’40, M.A. ’60 and Persia M. Graalfs

Donald E. Green ’47, M.S. ’52

Helen R. Gressang ’48, M.A. ’51

Andrew J. Gunther M.S. ’82, Ph.D. ’87 and Teresa B. Gunther

Philip F. Gutfleish ’82 and Rhonda Markman

Carolyn Chew Hamilton

Elizabeth Warner Hammond ’24

Jean Gray Hargrove ’35

Gene M. Hassan ’50

James K. Haynes ’50, J.D. ’55 and Marianne Truscott Haynes ’55

Beatrice Moorhead Heggie ’47 and Richard G. Heggie ’44, M.A. ’49

R.A. (Herb) Henderson ’56

Eve E. Heyman ’47

Melvin B. Heyman M.D., ’72 and Jody E. Heyman

Anthony R. Hill

Marcia M. Hill ’68 and Guy M. Struve

Susan Forbes Hill ’67, MBA ’85

Steven J. Hirsch

Dorthea L. Hocker

Marian Wilson Hodge ’23

Elizabeth M. Hofinga

Tyler H. Hofinga ’81

Ernest Holguin ’91 and Stacy Heldman-Holguin ’90

Roland V. Howard Jr. ’82 and Nancy Hart Howard ’81

Barrett B. Hughson ’42 and Ruth Martin Hughson ’42

Harold A. Hyde ’47 and Dorothy Zimmer Hyde ’48

IBM Corporation

Inland C’s—Riverside and San Bernardino County Alumni Club

Carroll Winstead Innes ’48

Gary N. Ishida and Jeanne Ishida

Gail Lancaster Ives ’86 and Bruce A. Ives

Oren J. Jacob ’92, M.S. ’95 and Justine M. Jacob

Megan Smith Janis ’82 and Michael Janis

Jean A MacCallum Trust

Joe Wong Family Trust

Pam Chun Joyce ’70 and Fred J. Joyce III

Audiey C. Kao ’87

Patricia C. Kao ’99 and Seth R. Gassman ’99

Grant A. Kauffman ’45

Margaret H. Kavalaris ’77

Daniel Kitamura ’72

Michael Knauer ’53, M.D. ’56 and Gulshan Bhatia-Knauer

Helen L. Knopp ’38

Rouzbeh K. Kordestani ’88

Joy A. Kovaleski ’77

Lair Staff Alumni Club

The Lamorinda Golden Bears Alumni Club

Laurence Lange

Paul L. Larsen ’47, J.D. ’50 and Katherine Everett Larsen ’47

Allen J. Lauer MBA ’65 and Kathleen Hadden Lauer ’59

Laura Schaefer White Fund

Richard H. Lee Jr. ’67 and Tatwina Chinn Lee ’68

Harold L. Levy ’32

Gordon and Helen Lew

John S. Lewis ’68 and Elizabeth H. Lewis

Barry R. Liu and Kathryn Liu

Carol J. Liu C.EAS ’82 and Michael R. Peevey ’59, M.A. ’61

Donald C. Ludolph ’51, Cred/Cert ’54, M.A. ’55

Shirley R. MacIlvain ’50

Matthew O. Madrigal ’98 and Mollee Madrigal

Carl M. Maes Jr. ’67, M.S. ’70 and Carol Maes

Helen M. Marcus ’68, C.Esing ’69

Marin County Alumni Club

Mary J. Martins ’48

Elaine L. Mason

Blake W. Mather and Julie C. Mather

Charles T. McDermon ’51

Eleanor J. McGahie ’41

Charles D. McKinnis ’75 and Solita S. McKinnis

Arthur McLaughlin

Louise White McNary ’50 and Donald S. McNary ’46

Aaron J. Mendelson ’98, MBA ’02

Alan C. Mendelson ’69 and Agnès B. Mendelson

Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.

Frances G. Miner ’41

Neal I. Miura ’60 and Irene Takei Miura ’60, C.Mult. ’61

Judith C. Moorad ’68 and Bruce M. Moorad ’67

Richard A. Morris ’67

Susan Smith Morris

James C. Morrison ’34

Richard H. Morrison ’58 and Marie Seed Lichauco

Lynn H. Nakada ’75

Claudia Mauzy Nemir ’57 and Howard F. Nemir ’57

New Image Audio & Video Inc

Raidelle E. Newman

North San Diego County Cal Alumni Club

Northern C’s Cal Alumni Club

George M. O’Connor ’42

Bradford Oelman, Kathryn Oelman Meagher ’67, and Sarah K. Meagher ’01

Barbara Sims O’Hara ’46 and George K. O’Hara ’39

Donald D. O’Keefe Jr. and Linda Parinella O’Keefe ’78

Marjorie Staats Oliver ’32

Elizabeth C. Olson

John F. Olson ’61

Russell A. Pflughaupt ’88, M.S. ’93 and Judith M. Leach ’89

Allen M. Phipps ’61 and Joyce E. Phipps

Ava Jean Pischel (Barber) ’43 and Harold R. Brumbaum Ph.D. ’52

Edward V. Pollack ’62, J.D. ’66 and Marcia Hart Pollack ’62

Robert T. Porter ’40, M.D. ’43 and Mary K. Porter

Ellen Fitzsimmons Porzig ’71 and Klaus J. Porzig

Scott C. Ramsden ’48 and Mary Alice Ramsden

Lila Sankowich Rich ’55 and Neville Rich ’50

George K. Richmond ’47, M.A. ’49, Cred/Cert ’52, C.Mult. ’55

Marie Gherini Ringrose ’30

Edward B. Robinson ’47, J.D. ’51 and Marjorie Pletcher Robinson ’52

Donald W. Rodes MBA ’87

Adeline E. Rosenberg ’71

Neil A. Rothenberg ’73 and Beverly L. Rothenberg ’73, C.Esing ’74

Daniel M. Rovner ’71

Jane Rubin ’73, Ph.D. ’84

Jane Bauer Ryan ’58 and James L. Ryan

Russell J. Satake ’78 and Anita Satake

Stacy K. Savides ’85

The Schendel Family Foundation

Lena Scherini

Thomas C. Schneider ’58, MBA ’62 and Alison Pruyn Schneider ’59

John A. ’76 and Victoria V. Schoenfeld

Matthew A. Scholl ’91 and Rachel Scholl

Libby M. Schwartz ’64 and Herman Schwartz

Leslie T. Sharp ’11

Maurice M. Shiu ’69, M.S. ’71 and Esther C. Shiu

James B. Sinton ’38 and Norma M. Sinton

Elizabeth Salmon Sippl ’77 and Roger J. Sippl ’77

Ella Rosenberg Sligar ’32

Douglas M. Smith ’82 and Nodelyn Lago Smith ’83

Kenneth H. Smith ’40

The Sonoma County Cal Alumni Club

Helen K. Soo

South Bay Cal Alumni Club

Steve Spellman

Daniel S. St John ’43 and Priscilla St. John

William H. Steele ’83 and Barbara Elkjer Steele ’84

Walter E. Stern ’41, M.D. ’43

Stephen M. Sulack ’03, M.S. ’05 and Aja C. Sulack ’03

Peter M. Sullivan

Virginia Gardner Swanberg ’44, M.A. ’45, Ph.D. ’45 and David Swanberg

Michael E. Tauber

Alfredo Terrazas Jr. ’74 and Barbara Sandoval Terrazas M.P.H. ’76

Gene H. Thomas ’61, M.S. ’62 and Cheri Thomas

Porter E. Thompson ’39 and Helenmae Thompson

Mariel Rushmore Thorp ’17, M.A. ’19

Walter C. Tim ’48, M.D. ’51 and Beverly K. Tim ’59

Gerd J. Tobias ’43, M.D. ’46

Norman K. Tuttle II ’57, J.D. ’63 and Mary Lee Tuttle

U.C. Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association

UCB Men’s Club of Sacramento

UCB Women’s Club of Sacramento

Vijay G. Ullal and Jayshree V. Ullal

Carol Jackson Upshaw ’58

Revett B. Wallace

David A. Weeshoff and Linda A. Weeshoff

Joan R. Wheelwright ’47

Cynthia Wu Wilcox M.A. ’68 and Jonathan J. Wilcox J.D. ’68

Margaret Baldwin Wildenradt ’35

W. Williams Foundation

David J. Williamson ’68

Phyllis Stickland Willits ’49, M.A. ’54 and Joe Willits ’48

Agnes Mattson Winton

Sharon M. Witser ’55 and Robert G. Witser

Art B. Wong ’63 and Janet Lewis Wong ’70

Lucille J. Wong

Sheryl L. Wong ’67, C.Mult. ’68 and Robert R. Wong ’68

Shirley A. Woo ’71, J.D. ’74 and David A. Rosenfeld J.D. ’73

Kevin D. Woodruff ’76 and Kim M. Woodruff

Susan L. Woodward ’75, C.Mult. ’76, M.A. ’81 and Christopher B. Woodward ’71, MBA ’76

Charles C. Worth ’46 and Lynne E. Worth

Phil Yang ’80, MBA ’82

Kathleen T. Yee ’85

Robert R. Youngs M.S. ’73, Ph.D. ’82 and Susan A. Cohen ’71, M.J. ’84

Anna M. Zara ’80 and Robert M. English

Maimie W. Zee ’55, C.Mult. ’55

Julie M. Zimring ’91 and Michael R. Phillips ’91

Marian Oliver Zischke and Peter H. Zischke

About the Alumni Scholars Program

The Alumni Scholars Program provides scholarships and resources to support UC Berkeley undergraduate students’ personal, academic, and professional growth. Volunteers, donors, and alums can make a huge impact by building on our scholars’ sense of community and belonging on campus.

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Graduating students in front of Doe Library

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) gratefully recognizes the philanthropic leadership of many of our donors on The CAA Fund Society Honor Roll. Their commitment to the future of UC Berkeley is greatly appreciated and remembered.

Fund Society Donors
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