Creating a Lasting Connection to Cal

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who contributed $2,500 or more to The CAA Fund between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

The CAA Fund Society is a group of alumni and friends who create a lasting connection to Cal through their philanthropic leadership and commitment to our alumni association. An annual contribution of $1,000 or more establishes membership in The CAA Fund Society.

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Hearst Society ($10,000+)

Michael W. Konrad Ph.D. ’64
Edward B. Merchant ’71 and Betsy W. Merchant
Gordon E. Moore ’50 and Betty Moore
Julie Shin Morgan ’89 and Bradley P. Morgan Ph.D. ’91
Bradford Oelman

Gayley Society ($5,000+)

Donald E. Bradley and Marianne Stark Bradley ’80
Gordon T. Geballe ’69, C.Esing ’70 and Shelley Geballe
Barry P. Goode J.D.
David E. Kepler II ’75 and Patricia A. Kepler
Mary P. Komoto ’78 and Brian K. Komoto
Lynne Koll Martin ’78 and Tevis Martin ’78
Mark L. Perry ’77 and Melanie P. Peña ’77

Oxford Society ($2,500+)

John R. Buford ’78
Candace C. Callan ’02
Gay Callan ’70
Rishi U. Chopra ’02
Dean J. Chu ’78 and Wilma K. Chu
George M. Daffern ’77 and Nancy K. Daffern
Mildred Y. Gardner and Frank F. Gardner
Brian T. Godsey ’85 and Jill Darcangelo Godsey ’90, M.B.A. ’96
Richard J. Hartje ’65
Rosina M. Hernandez ’01
Clothilde V. Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79 and Everett A. Hewlett Jr.
K. Mark Lee ’77 and Monika P. Lee
Lawrence K. Lo ’71
Leonard E. Look ’83 and Laurie A. Look
Samuel L. Mayall ’50, M.B.A. ’52
Howard A. McDaniel ’65
Paul S. Nagata ’79 and Susan S. Nagata
Kiran D. Rao and Sumi Aggarwal
Joseph J. Shen ’91 and Serena Y. Shen
Alison F. Shimada ’85 and Chong Jin Lee
Amy Sun and Lazarus Sun
Thomas Thomson ’67
Veeraraghavan Family
Jeffrey R. Williams ’75 and Patricia A. Williams ’75, C.Esing ’76
Michael B. Wood ’63 and Joanne Y. Wood
Calvin Young ’79 and Jocelyn Young

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)

Nancy White Adams ’82 and Abraham Adams
Steven Algert and Cameron Brown
Zaheer A. Ali ’05 and Sabrina Z. Ali ’14
Carl W. Anderson ’57, J.D. ’62
Robert F. Benson M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’99 and Sue Benson
Joseph J. Bilota ’55, M.A. ’60
Lawrence R. Brackett ’58 and Berenice G. Brackett
Marc A. Carrasco ’93 and Linda M. Assante Carrasco
Ida C. Chan ’94
Kam Hung Chan ’93 and Zhen Hua Liu ’92
Qin G. Chen ’15
Karen Leong Clancy ’76 and Dallan P. Clancy ’76, M.S. ’77, M.Eng. ’78
David L. Critchfield ’74, M.Arch. ’82, M.B.A. ’82 and Catherine L. Critchfield
Thomas J. Cutillo and Priscilla A. Myrick ’73
Carol C. Davis
Richard Desai ’89
Nam H. Do ’10
Diane Dwyer B.S. ’87 and Timothy Sharp
Patricia A. Dwyer ’78
Marjorie G. Edmonston ’98 and Jeffrey I. Edmonston
Cheryl A. Ehorn ’88
Andrea P. Eichhorn ’80
Ellen Eubanks ’73
Paul J. Fasana ’59, M.L.S. ’60
Barbara M. Ferrigno ’62
Howard R. Friesen ’50
Loretta Gander ’56, ’57
Fernando Garcia ’84, ’86
Matthew I. Gillette ’03 and Marissa Kalan Gillette ’03
Noreen Chiu Greenhalgh ’81 and Paul R. Greenhalgh
Luisa F. Hansen M.A. ’57, Ph.D. ’59 and William L. Hansen B.S. ’59
Cathy F. Highiet-Hunter ’72
Fred C. Hock Jr. ’65
Glenn A. Hofer B.A. ’74 and Diana M. Pope
Judy L. Hoff and Jonathan M. Hoff ’78
William Hsiang ’68 and Panee Hsiang
Richard F. Huelskamp ’52 and Carol J. Huelskamp
Robert E. Izmirian ’68, ’72 and Suzanne M. Smith
Kenneth E. Jorgensen ’60 and Susan E. Jorgensen
Kimiko A. Klein ’61 and Joel B. Klein ’62
Joy A. Kovaleski ’77
Suresh Krishna M.S. ’88 and Nandini Krishna
Silvanus S. Lau ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’69 and Kwai L. Lau ’66
Dionicia Ramos Ledesma ’01 and Julian Ledesma ’97
Gary S. Lee ’81 and Janet W. Lee ’80
Siu-Chun Lee ’77, M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’81 and Lily Chan Lee ’77
Jiexing M. Liang M.B.A. ’05
Richard T. Lira ’67 and M. Gretchen Taylor
Eric R. Mart ’70 and Janice N. Mart
Barbara A. McCann ’74
Kate P. McClintock and Peter Coster
Nancy E. McLeod and Robert B. McLeod ’65
Mara Larson Melandry ’66 and Don Melandry
Steven J. Merlo ’73 and Lynn D. Merlo
Dave Miller and Laura Miller
Ronald D. Morrison ’68
Edward M. Nepomuceno ’98
Erik M. Ness ’92
Dr. Richard R. Nye ’66
Roger H. Odenberg
Jinhee Park ’06
Kirk A. Pessner ’77 and Russell H. Miller ’74
Kurt E. Petersen ’70 and Carol Tao Petersen
Michael E. Phillips ’71 and Eileen B. Phillips
Elizabeth A. Karr-Pola ’92 and Michael J. Pola
Thomas J. Rauch
Marsha Caulfield Rianda ’68 and Bruce E. Rianda
Marilyn C. River ’66 and Donald F. Sadowski
Tobey H. Roland ’81
Louise Adler Sampson
Paul L. Schmidbauer M.B.A. ’61, M.A. ’63, Ph.D. ’65
William A. Sellier ’71, M.A. ’76
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Danielle D. Silveira ’11
Dana Beernink Simonds ’82 and James A. Simonds
Gary R. Slavit ’78 and Evelyn Margolin
Anne Stewart ’56 and Albert G. Stewart
Diane Rene Stewart
Karen M. Street M.S. ’82
Christina Y. Su ’94
Tomiye Nimura Sumner M.S. ’68
Prentice A. Tom ’82
Tracy P. Tram ’89 and An Nguyen
Kirk C. Tramble ’93 and Razon T. Tramble
Lilian Chi Tsai ’00
Robert E. Vaughn ’68
Manfred H. Velden
Michael D. Vogan ’66 and Judith L. Vogan
Maryellen Reilly Weber ’47
Craig A. Wolfe
Silky S. Wong M.S. ’06
Stacy L. Yee ’83
Thomas K. Yee ’73 and June M. Cho ’77
Yu-Shuan Yeh M.S. ’65, Ph.D. ’66 and Lucia Yeh
Helena T. Yip ’96 and Steven J. Wang
Linda Young M.P.H. ’77

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