The CAA Fund Society Honor Roll

The Cal Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who contributed $1,000 or more to The CAA Fund between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

The CAA Fund Society is a group of alumni and friends who create a lasting connection to Cal through their commitment to and affinity for the Cal Alumni Association. An annual contribution of $1,000 or more establishes membership.

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Hearst Society ($10,000+)

Glenn H. Kelman ’93 and Sylvia Lee
Gordon E. Moore ’50 and Betty Irene Moore

Gayley Society ($5,000+)

Donald E. Bradley and Marianne Stark Bradley ’80
Michael R. Doyen ’79 and Denise M. Doyen
Catherine S. Doyle ’91 and Sean Doyle
Robert D. Haas ’64 and Colleen G. Haas
David E. Kepler II ’75 and Patricia A. Kepler
Kathleen L. Knopoff ’92 and Richard L. Green
Mary P. Komoto ’78 and Brian K. Komoto
Theodore Liaw

Oxford Society ($2,500+)

Cathleen H. Chawla ’93 and Rakesh Chawla
Peter R. Deforest ’64, Ph.D. ’69
Alexandra S. Glickman ’81
Joy A. Kovaleski ’77
K. Mark Lee ’77 and Monika P. Lee
Eric R. Mart ’70 and Janice N. Mart
Howard A. McDaniel ’65
Steve S. Park ’90
Nelli and Kevin M. Perkins ’08
Lyle S. Poncher ’67
John B. Ryan M.B.A. ’68 and Daniela Tossi Ryan
Joseph J. Shen ’91 and Serena Y. Shen
Lisa M. Stewart ’78 and Tim Carpenter
Thomas Thomson ’67
Mark C. Walters ’81
Gayle M. Whittemore
Eddie P. Wong Jr. ’89
Calvin Young ’79 and Jocelyn Young

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)

Thomas J. Alexander ’62, M.B.A. ’63
Judith L. Allione ’88 and David Allione
Janice Anderson-Gram ’67
John R. Bancroft J.D. ’76 and Marjorie E. Bancroft
Edward C. Bartlett ’91 and Donna Hoghooghi
Grace Tong Bartoo ’83 and Marc L. Bartoo ’83
Chandan Basho ’03
Rishi R. Batra ’00
Ambassador Frank and Kathrine Baxter
Earl R. Beeman ’89 and Cindy L. Beeman
Mary Lou Berg ’52, Cred/Cert ’53 and David G. Berg ’53
Dana J. Berkeland ’88
Anne M. Beroza J.D. ’76 and Allen Spirytus
Eric B. Bickford ’98 and Jeanne K. Bickford
James W. Black ’62 and Barbara S. Black
Andrew N. Bloch ’84
Sudhangshu Bose Ph.D. ’78 and Juthika Bose
John R. Buford ’78
Ernie G. Bumatay, MBA ’73 & Rebecca M. Bumatay
Robert J. Burgren ’12
Mark S. Burr ’81
Yasuko T. Bush and John B. Bush Jr. ’58, Ph.D. ’63
Robert C. Byrd M.S. ’77, Ph.D. ’78 and Kathleen A. Byrd ’78
Michael L. Cahoon ’70 and Laima V. Cahoon
Marc A. Carrasco ’93 and Linda M. Assante Carrasco
Wiley L. Carter ’59 and Nancy Carter
Carla M. Cassani ’79 and Fred St Goar
Bak-Ying Chan ’70, M.B.A. ’79 and Betty Chan
Ida C. Chan ’94
Philip L. Chan ’77 and Viveca H. Chan
Sandy K. Chan ’94
Lee M. Chase ’63, P.H.D. ’69
Rishi U. Chopra ’02
Cathy Christian-Farnsworth
Mark L. Coleman ’86
David L. Critchfield ’74, M.Arch. ’82, M.B.A. ’82 and Catherine L. Critchfield
George M. Daffern ’77 and Nancy K. Daffern
Carol C. Davis
Jane E. Devens ’60
John B. Dickerson A.T.U. ’62
Michael A. Drevno ’75, M.B.A. ’81 and Linda J. Drevno ’80
Michael S. Duggleby ’63 and Juanita Duggleby
Anna S. Dunshee de Abranches M.B.A. ’94
Stephen L. Eastwood ’71 and Dorne Eastwood
Lee A. Edlund ’91, J.D. ’94 and Katherine M. Edlund
Andrea P. Eichhorn ’80
Terry L. Field ’62
Marcia A. Forsyth ’74 and Dennis Forsyth
Robert Freitas ’89
Fernando Garcia ’86
Bruce R. Geernaert and Daphne G. Geernaert
Jill Darcangelo Godsey ’90, M.B.A. ’96 and Brian T. Godsey ’85
Amy O’Connor Goodman ’94 and Michael Goodman
Richard E. Green Ph.D. ’05
Ann Armstrong Guild ’55
Alexander C. Guo ’89 and Margaret Lee Guo ’90
Raphael L. Haas ’00 and Jennifer R. Haas ’00
Karen L. Hansen ’65
Gayle G. Harrison Hartmann ’64
Robert C. Herr ’64, J.D. ’67
John C. Hill Jr. ’74 and Cheryl A. Hill
Glenn A. Hofer ’74 and Diana M. Pope
Jonathan M. Hoff ’78 and Judy L. Hoff
Mavis W. Hoffman ’51 and Donald N. Hoffman
Jennifer L. Hom ’92 and Jiang Wu ’93
Justin Jelincic ’80 and Pamela S. Jelincic ’82
Robin Johnson ’58
Kenneth E. Jorgensen ’60 and Susan E. Jorgensen
Mary Soares Kaljian ’68
Jeffrey S. Kaplan ’89 and Gabriella Kaplan
Jean Fujiwaka Keller M.A. ’76 and Terry W. Keller
Michael J. Kilroy ’85
Kimiko A. Klein ’61 and Joel B. Klein ’62
Linda C. Koo ’72, M.A. ’75, Ph.D. ’76
Martha H. Lawrie
Joye Lee McCoy ’50
William T. Lee ’65 and Li Y. Lee
Jay T. Lewis ’74 and Nina Lewis
Gabriel Li ’90
Luke G. Liang
Kenny W. Lo ’92
Leonard E. Look ’83 and Laurie A. Look
Kathryn Bennett Loughran ’69 and Thomas F. Loughran
Timothy F. Lugo ’99 and Kristina Shih ’01
Myra C. Lynch ’59, M.A. ’64 and Richard W. Lynch ’62
Roger A. Mann ’58 and Joan M. Mann ’58
Christine A. Marke ’88 and Colin A. Forth ’91
Richard D. Martland J.D. ’61
Grove T. Matsuoka ’82
Samuel L. Mayall ’50, M.B.A. ’52
Janet Kim McCormick ’86
Elayne Mautino McCrea ’51
Tami Saguestad McHarg
Dianne B. McKay ’77 and Andrew King
Nancy Lubich McKinney ’82 and Gregory W. McKinney
Richard J. McLean ’55, M.A. ’62
Nancy E. McLeod and Robert B. McLeod ’65
Mara Larson Melandry ’66 and Don Melandry
Steven J. Merlo ’73 and Lynn D. Merlo
Helen R. Meyer and John D. Meyer
Nicolas R. Meyer and Vaughan Tebbe Meyer ’84
Yunwa Moore and Katie Moore ’12
Michael J. Morgan ’91 and Anjanette M. Pelletier ’92
Julie Shin Morgan ’89 and Bradley P. Morgan Ph.D. ’91
William B. Morgan Ph.D. ’61 and Maxine G. Morgan
Priscilla A. Myrick ’73 and Thomas J. Cutillo
Paul S. Nagata ’79 and Susan S. Nagata
Greg P. Neukirchner ’94
Roger H. Odenberg
Susan Jones Oftedahl ’72 and A. Lee Oftedahl
Janet Wilson Owens M.A. ’50
Laura Kane Palagyi ’87 and Steve A. Palagyi ’87
Derrick Y. Pang ’97
Karla Perez ’04, J.D. ’09
Kirk A. Pessner ’77 and Russell H. Miller ’74
Joslyn P. Pocock and Rod Pocock
Michael P. Radke ’69
Benjamin T. Reyes II ’87 and Susan S. Reyes
Ronald E. Rivera ’89 and Stephanie A. Tamayo-Rivera ’87
Paul S. Saint-Pierre M.B.A. ’81
Louise Adler Sampson
Cynthia So Schroeder ’91 and Marc Schroeder ’91
Mitchell M. Shih ’91 and Amy S. Hsu M.S. ’99
James G. Siler Jr. ’55 and Susan Butler-Siler
Kenneth B. Silveria ’55
Manuel C. Simas ’55
Mike S. Singh M.S. ’71 and Surinder P. Singh
Gary R. Slavit ’78 and Evelyn Margolin
Christina A. Snyder and Marc M. Seltzer ’69
Richard L. Spees Jr. ’76
Anne G. Stewart ’56 and Albert G. Stewart
Diane Rene Stewart and Stephen R. Stewart
Edwin B. Stokes Jr. and Betty Stokes
David A. Stuart Ph.D. ’76 and Linda M. Stuart
Douglas K. Sugimoto ’93
Youyenn Teo ’98, M.A. ’01, Ph.D. ’05
Frank J. Thomas M.S. ’57 and Carol Thomas
Ralph C. Thomas III ’75
Prentice A. Tom ’82
Tracy P. Tram ’89 and An Nguyen
Francis M. Tran ’99 and Denise N. Tran ’97
Lilian Chi Tsai ’00
Anthony C. Tsao ’00
Aydin Ulkucu M.S. ’70, Ph.D. ’74
Carla L. Vargas Rivas ’96
Manfred H. Velden
Eileen G. Vohs ’52 and James A. Vohs ’52
Patricia D. Wade ’72, Ph.D. ’78
Rehan N. Waliany ’08 and Serena Wu ’09
Amy C. Wang ’95, M.P.H. ’97 and David C. Liao ’95
Magnificence B. Wangsuwana ’97 and Muay Wangsuwana
Alan C. Wanzenberg ’73
Maryellen Reilly Weber ’47
Stuart M. Weiss ’77 and Marla S. Weiss
Priscilla W. Robinson M.A. ’08
Elijah F. Widjaja ’78 and Jehnny Susanty
Joshua Wijaya ’03, ’04
Jeffrey R. Williams ’75 and Patricia A. Williams ’75
Thomas D. Wogaman ’58, M.A. ’59, Ed.D. ’65 and Mariol R. Wogaman M.L.S. ’68
James G. Wong ’51
Michael B. Wood ’63 and Joanne Y. Wood
Marie Ye ’13
Eleanor Yee ’71
Grace N. Yee M B.A. ’07
Marshall I. Yeh ’07
Linda Young M.P.H. ’77

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