The CAA Fund Society Honor Roll

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who contributed $1,000 or more to The CAA Fund between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

The CAA Fund Society is a group of alumni and friends who create a lasting connection to Cal through their commitment to and affinity for the Cal Alumni Association. An annual gift of $1,000 or more establishes membership.

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Hearst Society ($10,000+)

Richard S. Chin ’70 Kathryn Meagher and Sarah Meagher Garmer
Gordon E. Moore ’50 and Elizabeth Moore
John B. Ryan MBA ’68 and Daniela Tossi Ryan
Georgieanna Scheuerman Ph.D. ’80 and Richard Scheuerman
Jehnny Susanty and Elijah F. Widjaja ’78
Joshua Widjaja ’03, ’04

Gayley Society ($5,000+)

Donald E. Bradley and Marianne Stark Bradley ’80
Patricia MacLeod Ellsworth ’56
Daphne G. Geernaert and Bruce R. Geernaert
Patricia A. Kepler and David E. Kepler II ’75
Mary L. Komoto ’78 and Brian K. Komoto
Lynne Koll Martin ’78 and Tevis Martin ’78
Julie Shin Morgan ’89 and Bradley P. Morgan Ph.D. ’91
Peter and Kathy Nixon ’87
Mark L. Perry ’77 and Melanie P. Pena ’77

Oxford Society ($2,500+)

John R. Buford ’78
Candace C. Callan ’02
Gay Callan ’70
Rishi U. Chopra ’03
Dean Chu ’78 and Wilma K. Chu
Carol C. Davis
Mildred Y. Gardner and Frank F. Gardner
Jill Darcangelo Godsey ’90, MBA ’96 and Brian Thomas Godsey ’85
Richard J. Hartje ’65
Clothilde V. Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79 and Everett A. Hewlett Jr.
Jae Y. Lee ’89 and Eun Lee
Laurie A. Look and Leonard E. Look ’83
Eric Mart ’70 and Janice N. Mart
Samuel L. Mayall ’50, MBA ’52
Howard A. McDaniel ’65
Nancy E. McLeod and Robert B. McLeod ’65
Paul S. Nagata ’79 and Susan S. Nagata
Lila Farazian Renchard ’82
Joseph J. Shen ’91 and Serena Y. Shen
Thomas Thomson ’67
Manfred H. Velden
James A. Vohs ’52 and Eileen G. Vohs ’52
Mark C. Walters ’81 and Christine Walters
Jeffrey R. Williams ’75 and Patricia A. Williams ’75, C.Esing ’76
Huapeng Zhang ’05

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)

Nancy White Adams ’82 and Abraham Adams
Thomas J. Alexander ’62, MBA ’63
Steven Algert and Cameron Brown
Zaheer A. Ali ’05 and Sabrina Ali ’14
Pinuccia Bagnani
Howard C. Bauchner ’74 and Mrs. Christine McElroy
Robert Benson M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’99 and Susan Benson
Joseph J. Bilota ’55, M.A. ’60
Jerome A. Blaha ’68 and Melanie Blaha
Lawrence R. Brackett ’58 and Berenice G. Brackett
Inez Brooks-Myers ’56, M.A. ’75
Linda M. Assante Carrasco and Marc A. Carrasco ’93
Caroline Wolff Casino ’03
Ida C. Chan ’94
Alison Chang ’97
Cathy A. Christian Farnsworth ’72 and Robert Farnsworth
Karen Leong Clancy ’76 and Dallan P. Clancy ’76, M.Eng. ’78
Stanley J. Conhon ’90
Shirley Brown Conner ’48
David L. Critchfield ’74, ’82
Maxwell Critchfield
Thomas J. Cutillo and Priscilla A. Myrick ’73
George M. Daffern ’77 and Nancy K. Daffern
Timothy W. Devitt ’67 and Suzanne Devitt
Leland M. Douglas ’61 and Celia Douglas
Anna Dunshee de Abranches MBA ’94
Patricia A. Dwyer ’78
Jeffrey I. Edmonston and Marjorie G. Edmonston ’98
Cheryl A. Ehorn ’88
Andrea P. Eichhorn ’80
Howard R. Friesen ’50
Jennifer H. Gallo ’98
Loretta Gander ’56, ’57
Erica T. Goode M.D., M.P.H. and Barry P. Goode J.D.
Amy O’Connor Goodman ’94 and Michael Goodman
Noreen Chiu Greenhalgh ’81
Barbara Murphy Groves ’67
Margaret Lee Guo ’90 and Alexander C. Guo ’89
John W. Hamilton ’55 and Mary Hamilton
Karen L. Hansen ’65
Joel M. Hausman ’80 and Betsy Hausman
Herbert and Gertrude Halverstadt Foundation
Cheryl A. Hill and John C. Hill, Jr. ’74
Judy L. Hoff and Jonathan M. Hoff ’78
Judith L. Hopkinson B.Arch. ’69
William Hsiang ’68 and Panee Hsiang
Celine Y. Hu ’95 and George H. Chu
Nancy Hult Ganis ’78, M.J. ’81 and Sidney Ganis
Robert E. Izmirian ’68, ’72 and Suzanne M. Smith
Carl D. Jacobs ’65
Mary Soares Kaljian ’68
Mei L. Kao and Chi-Tzu Kao Ph.D. ’88
James A. Kinter ’72 and Mary Kinter ’71
Loretta A. Koll ’82
Linda C. Koo ’72, M.A. ’75, Ph.D. ’76
Nandini Krishna and Suresh Krishna ’88
Leonard Kurz
Kwai L. Lau ’66 and Silvanus S. Lau ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’69
Gary S. Lee ’81 and Janet W. Lee ’80
Siu-Chun Lee ’77, M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’81 and Lily Lee ’77
Luke G. Liang
Richard T. Lira ’67 and M. Gretchen Taylor
Alvin J. Lobo ’03 and Deborah Lobo
Timothy F. Lugo ’99 and Kristina Shih ’01
Zachary L. Marshall ’05
Alan C. Mendelson ’69 and Agnes Mendelson
William C. Messner M.S. ’89, Ph.D. ’92
Dave Miller and Laura Miller
Constance Murray M.L.S. ’72
Edward M. Nepomuceno ’98
Greg P. Neukirchner ’94
Dr. Richard R. Nye ’66
Scott D. Olsen ’98
Anjanette M. Pelletier ’92 and Michael Morgan ’91
Kirk A. Pessner ’77 and Russell Miller ’74
Eric S. Peterson ’84 and Amy Weinstein-Peterson ’84
Nancy R. Phillips
Carolee Axline Pimentel ’70 and Antonio Pimentel ’70
Kathryn Thrall Porter ’84 and Clark Porter ’85
Vishnu V. Ramaswamy ’01
Dionicia Ramos Ledesma ’01 and Julian Ledesma ’97
John H. Raphael ’78
Bruce E. Rianda and Marsha Caulfield Rianda ’68
Elizabeth J. Rice ’86 and Thomas Botts
Don A. Rockwell M.A. ’67 and Frances Rockwell
Catherine and Laith Salma
Louise Adler Sampson
William A. Sellier ’71, M.A. ’76
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Dana Beernink Simonds ’82 and James A. Simonds
Gary R. Slavit ’78 and Evelyn Margolin
Mark G. Soloway ’86 and Lynn Soloway
Anne Stewart ’56
Diane Rene Stewart and Stephen Stewart
Karen M. Street M.S. ’82
Tomiye Nimura Sumner M.S. ’68
Sam O. Takahashi ’76 and Barbara Takahashi
Ronald E. Rivera ’89 and Stephane A. Tamayo-Rivera ’87
Lilian Chi Tsai ’00
Anthony C. Tsao ’00
Lawrence T. Tse M.S. ’85
Amy C. Wang ’95, M.P.H. ’97 and David Liao ’95
Patty and Mag Wangsuwana
Maryellen Reilly Weber ’47
Eddie P. Wong Jr. ’89
Steven H. Wong
Michael B. Wood ’63 and Joanne Y. Wood
Yasuhiro Yamazaki ’65, M.S. ’67 and Mina Yamazaki
Eleanor Yee ’71
Stacy L. Yee ’83
Yu-Shuan Yeh M.S. ’65, Ph.D. ’66 and Lucia Yeh
Kenneth G. Yeung
Calvin Young ’79 and Jocelyn Young

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