The CAA Fund Society Honor Roll

The Cal Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who contributed $1,000 or more to The CAA Fund between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

The CAA Fund Society is a group of alumni and friends who create a lasting connection to Cal through their commitment to and affinity for the Cal Alumni Association. An annual gift of $1,000 or more establishes membership.

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Hearst Society ($10,000+)

Glenn H. Kelman ’93 and Sylvia Lee
Barbara Gold Lurie ’77 and Keith G. Lurie
James “Yarr” D. Wu ’70, ’72, ’74 and Nian Ping Wang

Gayley Society ($5,000+)

Ryoko Kakihana Ph.D. ’65
Patricia A. Kepler and David E. Kepler II ’75
Mary L. Komoto ’78 and Brian K. Komoto
Kwai L. Lau ’66 and Silvanus S. Lau ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’69
Julie Shin Morgan ’89 and Bradley P. Morgan Ph.D. ’91

Oxford Society ($2,500+)

Mary Lou Berg ’52, ’53 and David G. Berg ’53
Donald E. Bradley and Marianne Stark Bradley ’80
John R. Buford ’78
Candace C. Callan ’02
Gay Callan ’70
Thomas J. Cutillo and Priscilla A. Myrick ’73
Mildred Y. Gardner and Frank F. Gardener
Jill D. Godsey ’90, MBA ’96 and Brian T. Godsey ’85
Martha H. Lawrie ’52
Kenyon Mark Lee ’77 and Monika P. Lee
Eric Mart ’70 and Janice N. Mart
Howard A. McDaniel ’65
Nelli and Kevin M. Perkins ’08
Lyle S. Poncher ’67
David L. Redo ’59 and Judy Ijams Redo ’62
Rosemarie Reynolds and Robert G. Reynolds ’65
Joseph J. Shen ’91 and Serena Y. Shen
Youyenn Teo ’98, M.A. ’01, Ph.D. ’05
Thomas Thomson ’67
Mark C. Walters ’81 and Christine Walters
Marla S. Weiss and Stuart M. Weiss ’77
Jeffrey R. Williams ’75 and Patricia A. Williams ’75
Calvin Young ’79 and Jocelyn Young

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)

George T. Abed ’72 and Polla M. Abed
Nancy White Adams ’82 and Abraham Adams
Steven Algert and Cameron Brown
Zaheer A. Ali ’05 and Sabrina Z. Ali ’14
Princess K. Allen ’06
Ning S. Ambrose and David M. Ambrose ’56
Shahriar Amirghassemkhany ’01
Jesse A. Ante ’68, M.S. ’70
Jasmine M. Gorton Bachtiger ’92
Jeffrey W. Baker ’09
Ambasador Frank and Kathrine Baxter
Elias Beltran ’14
Allen Benedetti Jr. MBA ’74
Robert Benson M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’99 and Susan Benson
Eric B. Bickford ’98 and Jeanne K. Bickford
Jonathan S. Blatteis ’75 and Bonnie Volk
Lawrence R. Brackett ’58 and Berenice G. Brackett
Ernie G. Bumatay MBA ’73 and Rebecca Bumatay
Mary E. Burk
Wyeth E. Burrows ’96
Laima V. Cahoon and Michael L. Cahoon ’70
Linda M. Assante Carrasco and Marc A. Carrasco ’93
Sandy K. Chan ’94
Danny L. Chang ’96
Rishi U. Chopra ’02
Susan L. Claman ’78 and Richard J. Gruber
Karen Leong Clancy ’76 and Dallan P. Clancy ’76, M.Eng. ’78
Mark L. Coleman ’86
Shirley Brown Conner ’48
David L. Critchfield ’74, ’82
George M. Daffern ’77 and Nancy K. Daffern
Lisa E. Daly-Bartley ’92 and Clay E. Bartley
Carol C. Davis
Myrkle C. Deaton ’65 and Madeline E. Deaton
David T. Dickson M.S. ’64, MBA ’69
Graham C. Dietz ’15
James R. Divine ’61 and Kay E. Divine
Michael R. Doyen ’79 and Denise M. Doyen
Anna S. Dunshee de Abranches MBA ’94
Diane Dwyer ’87 and Timothy Sharp
Lee A. Edlund ’94 and Katherine M. Edlund
Jeffrey I. Edmonston and Marjorie G. Edmonston ’98
Cheryl A. Ehorn ’88
Andrea P. Eichhorn ’80
Paul J. Fasana ’59, M.L.S. ’60
Walter R. Fender ’95
Colin A. Forth ’91 and Christine A. Marke ’88
Douglas J. Galen ’84, MBA ’88 and Susan E. Galen
Loretta Warchot Gander ’56, Cred./Cert. ’57
Fernando Garcia ’86
Daphne G. Geernaert and Bruce R. Geernaert
Matt Ginsburg ’82 and Janet Franklin
Amy O’Connor Goodman ’94 and Michael Goodman
Erica K. Grant ’09
Noreen C. Greenhalgh ’81 and Paul R. Greenhalgh
Margaret Lee Guo ’90 and Alexander C. Guo ’89
Anjali Gupta ’95 and Dipul Kansagara
Nelson J. Gurll Jr. ’63 and Margaret E. Gurll
Robert D. Haas ’64 and Colleen G. Haas
Karen L. Hansen ’65
Joel M. Hausman ’80 and Betsy Hausman
Priscilla S. Herrera ’12
Clothilde V. Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79 and Everett A. Hewlett
Cheryl A. Hill and John C. Hill Jr. ’74
Glenn A. Hofer ’74 and Diana M. Pope
Judy L. Hoff and Jonathan M. Hoff ’78
Mavis W. Hoffman ’51
William T. Hoffman ’66, J.D. ’69
Alexander Hong ’89 and Selina Hong
Jimmy H. Hong ’91 and Sachiko Hong ’91
Judith L. Hopkinson ’69
Eddie T. Huang and Wendy Huang
Paul Huang ’98
Victoria C. Huang ’14
Celine Y. Hu ’95 and George H. Chu
Dr. Sheila M. Humphreys
Chiheng Huor ’11
Robert E. Izmirian ’68, ’72 and Suzanne M. Smith
Carl D. Jacobs ’65
Dorothy Ahlburg Johnson ’62
Susan E. Jorgensen and Kenneth E. Jorgensen ’60
Mary Soares Kaljian ’68
Mei L. Kao and Chi-Tzu Kao Ph.D. ’88
Ernest W. Kazato ’67
William N. Kittredge ’95 and Katie Kittredge
Lawrence M. Kopeikin J.D. ’80 and Stacia R. Kopeikin
Vincent K. Lau ’83 and Wan Y. Lau
Luke G. Liang
Richard T. Lira ’67 and M Gretchen Taylor
Lawrence K. Lo ’71
Alvin J. Lobo ’03 and Deborah Lobo
Laurie A. Look and Leonard E. Look ’83
Thomas F. Loughran and Kathryn Bennett Loughran ’69
Helga C. Lyons ’68 and John T. Lyons
Tracy Payne Mandabach ’86 and Mark G. Mandabach ’87
Randall L. Manley MBA ’80
Samuel L. Mayall ’50, MBA ’52
Cynthia Garabedian McAdam ’95 and Michael McAdam
Barbara A. McCann ’74
Elayne Mautino McCrea ’51
Nancy E. McLeod and Robert B. McLeod ’65
Mara Larson Melandry ’66 and Don Melandry
Stacey C. Mickell ’80
Elizabeth K. Miller and Mark B. Miller MBA ’92
Peter J. Mohr Ph.D. ’73
Geri B. Monheimer
Thomas O. Moore ’84 and Yvonne C. Moore
Charles H. Mullin ’92 and Kimberly D. Mullin ’92
Colette M Murray ’58 and Richard A. Murray
Eric Nabel M.S. ’77
Paul S. Nagata ’79 and Susan S. Nagata
Edward M. Nepomuceno ’98
Greg P. Neukirchner ’94
Dr. Richard R. Nye ’66
Marilyn Oshiro
Armando Tiscareno Padilla ’93, M.S. ’94
Karla C. Perez ’04, J.D. ’09
Mark L. Perry ’77 and Melanie P. Pena ’77
Julia M. Quinn ’77
John H. Raphael ’78
Katherine A. Read ’83 and John P. Houston
Amanda J. Reynolds ’50
Bruce E. Rianda and Marsha Caulfield Rianda ’68
Ronald E. Rivera ’89 and Stephane A. Tamayo-Rivera ’87
Priscilla Wells Robinson M.A. ’08
Yunhe Rodriguez-Choi and Jorge I. Rodriguez Jr. ’92, J.D. ’95
Jacob L. Rogers ’10
Delwin A. Roy ’59, MBA ’60
Thomas B. Rupp ’07
Paul S. Saint-Pierre MBA ’81
Catherine and Laith Salma
Louise Adler Sampson
Diane M. Sandoval ’64, M.A. ’67
Paul L. Schmidbauer MBA ’61, M.A. ’63, Ph.D. ’65
Libby M. Schwartz ’64 and Herman Schwartz
John R. Scott ’73, M.P.H. ’76 and Debra S. Scott
Marc M. Seltzer ’69 and Christina A. Snyder
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Mehrdad M. Shahshahani ’67, Ph.D. ’70
Amy Y. Shin ’87
Dana Beernink Simonds ’82 and James A. Simonds
Gary R. Slavit ’78 and Evelyn Margolin
Kerry T. Smith and Catherine R. Smith
Joyce E. State and Thomas H. State
Anne G. Stewart
Diane Rene Stewart
Karen M. Street M.S. ’82
Sam O. Takahashi ’76 and Barbara Takahashi
Vanessa To and Peter S. Tung ’88
Prentice A. Tom ’82
Tracy P. Tram ’89 and An Nguyen
Denise N. Tran ’97 and Francis M. Tran ’99
Dorothy Anderson Tregea ’49
Lilian Chi Tsai ’00
Manfred H. Velden
James A. Vohs ’52 and Eileen G. Vohs ’52
Patty and Mag Wangsuwana
Alan C. Wanzenberg ’73
Susan E. Waters ’74
Maryellen Reilly Weber ’47
Elijah F. Widjaja ’78 and Jehnny Susanty
Joshua Widjaja ’03, ’04
Mark M. Williams ’83
Thomas and Mariol Wogaman
Michael B. Wood ’63 and Joanne Y. Wood
Eddie P. Wong Jr. ’89
James H. Wright ’81
Alan H. Yamamoto ’67
Eleanor Yee ’71
Grace N. Yee MBA ’07
Linda Young M.P.H. ’77

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