The Leadership Award: 2016-2017 Scholarship Annual Report

I. Award Description and Scholar Benefits

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) holds a long tradition of honoring exceptional Cal students as recipients of CAA Alumni Scholarships. The Leadership Award, CAA’s oldest scholarship, has been an instrumental part of recognizing and supporting student leaders at Cal since 1934. This award is one of the most prestigious merit-based scholarships at UC Berkeley.

Leadership Award Scholars are selected based on their outstanding track records of leadership activities and community service. They are inspirational, they are innovative, and they have a vision and passion to impact the Cal community.

Leadership Award Scholars receive benefits from CAA to help them make the most of their time at Cal and embrace their full leadership potential on- and off-campus. Benefits for scholars include:

  • Networking with UC Berkeley faculty and alumni
  • Leadership opportunities and training
  • Mentorship and guidance from Leadership Award Program Staff

II. The 2016-2017 Award

The Leadership Award is a one-year, merit-based scholarship, for which students must reapply and compete for each year. The scholarship is a monetary award of $2,000. Approximately 665 coveted scholarships, with a total value of approximately $1,300,000 were distributed to new and continuing students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, The Leadership Award received 9,000 applications from incoming freshmen and transfer students and continuing UC Berkeley students. In total, The Leadership Award welcomed 665 new scholars.

III. Compiled Application Data and Statistics

2016-2017 Incoming Freshman & Junior Transfer Student Compiled Applicant Demographics
Out of State

IV. Tradition, Legacy, and the Future

The achievements of The Leadership Award Scholars have benefited the Cal community since the scholarship’s founding more than 80 years ago. Scholarship funds open doors for scholars by freeing up their time, allowing them to pursue their passions and accomplish great things to benefit campus and the community.

“Thank you for the confidence and support of The Leadership Award, and for supporting the growth that I’ve made as a leader in my years at Berkeley thus far. It is enormously gratifying to think on how much this campus has shaped my ability to lead, and receiving this scholarship is even further motivation to continue not only my own growth, but also to help nurture more rising leaders on Cal’s campus.”
– Katherine McGauley ’17

“Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your support, because it will help me as I begin my journey in college and work towards achieving and developing my life goals. The Leadership Award will not only make the cost of college tuition more manageable for my family and I, but it will also encourage me to continue working and acting as a leader in my community in college.”
– Sage Kurnie

“Thanks to The Leadership Award, attending the world’s greatest public institution has been placed within my reach. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to study environmental science at Berkeley without going into debt.
– Evan Schwartz