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2007 March April Centennial Edition

Don’t Have a Coronary

Nanotechnology allows scientists to build better blood vessels You could call Craig Hashi an interior designer, but he’s not designing the insides of homes or offices. His designs take shape within the human body, where he builds tiny, customized scaffolds shaped like blood vessels that, once implanted, help the body grow new arteries. The Berkeley bioengineering […]

AP Photo/Ed Zurga

It Pays To Come Clean For Black Applicants

When employers interview new applicants, they’re looking for people who are honest, reliable, and responsible. Running criminal background checks is one way to screen applicants, but critics say these checks are unfair to black men, who are stigmatized by statistics: Black men are seven times more likely to be incarcerated than white men over the […]

The Centenarian

Chester Zinn ‘29 has proved his mettle. The former ASUC president, who turned 100 this year, worked three jobs to pay his way through college before landing his first postgrad gig selling stocks. Only months later, Black Thursday launched the Great Depression, and Chester—”Chet” to friends and family—was unemployed. He scoured the Bay Area for work. […]

Lab & Field Notes

Some eBay users are falsely boosting their reputations online by paying for positive feedback on the site, says business professor John Morgan. In online communities, ratings and reputation lead to more, and larger, transactions. Morgan found the transaction was often initiated by sellers offering a “Buy-It-Now” item—sometimes listed as a “Positive Feedback Ebook”—for 1 cent. […]