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2012 Summer North South

Stuck on You

Attachment Theory is controversial but it may be here to stay. Before attachment theory, psychotherapy was in a state of fragmentation and conflict. Different schools of thought had identified pieces of the puzzle, but no group had an overarching theory that provided satisfactory answers for how people become the way they are. The field was a battleground […]

You’re From Where?

Geography as judgment in the great North-South divide. As if there is not enough prejudice in the world, we have to bring geography into the mix. Why can the site of our home—where we were born, grew up, or moved to—be considered the reason for both our intelligence and morality, or lack thereof? And why are […]

Collagen Goes Viral

Researchers mimic the formation of natural tissues in the laboratory. Visit the San Francisco Zoo and the vibrant blue face of the mandrill is sure to catch your attention. But when the researchers from Seung-Wuk Lee’s Bio-Nanomaterials Lab visit the same creature, they see the unique properties of collagen, and a promising new therapy. The mandrill’s […]

What Lies Beneath

An archaeological dig in Jordan holds some of humanity’s oldest settlements. It is hard to imagine the remote, desert region of eastern Jordan as a popular oasis, but that is exactly how Berkeley archeology professor Lisa Maher envisions it looked 20,000 years ago. “This area would have been a lush grassland with pistachio and almond trees, […]

Can We Build It? Yes, We Can!

Berkeley researchers find low-tech solutions for high-tech equipment. While fielding questions as a guest lecturer at a university in Lima, Peru, Berkeley engineering postdoctoral researcher Lina Nilsson was delighted by the students’ eloquence and insight. “Then we toured the labs,” Nilsson said. “And there was nothing.” She remembers standing amidst a scant collection of basic lab […]

Speak Your Mind

Could we one day give voice to our thoughts? Most of us can imagine sound so vividly that we can almost hear a tune in our heads. Now imagine being able to actually produce that sound just by thinking about it. That’s what Berkeley postdoctoral fellow Brian Pasley, Professor Robert Knight, and a team of other […]