Featured Retreat: The Nature Conservancy All Staff 2014 and 2017

The Nature Conservancy’s California All Staff Retreats in September 2014 and in 2017 were huge successes in large part due to being in the woods, in such a beautiful setting at the Lair’s Camp Blue. The theme was “disconnect to reconnect”—very applicable. In a few words from our staff, it was “invigorating, inspiring, screamingly successful,” and most of all “fun!” Almost 200 staff from throughout California (from Shasta to the Mojave)—scientists, preserve managers, marketing, philanthropy teams and more—were able to enjoy a reasonable pace of meetings in the Lodge (see photo), “break-outs” all over camp, plus a wide variety of choices on activities, while disconnecting from the rest of the world and focusing on connecting with colleagues in a “chill setting.” This resulted in a genuinely relaxed and thoroughly engaged group.

Check out this 2017 video from a drone that captures the taking of their group photo here.

Testimonials from the Staff

“The least stuffy, least boring, most relaxing retreat I’ve been to.”

“Venue was superlative – just rustic enough to feel like we were really connecting with nature, but civilized enough to avoid any of the hassles presented with true camping.”

“Activities were very bonding – gave the opportunity to meet so many new people in a fun and physically energizing way.”

“This retreat was a gift that we don’t often receive: time to connect with colleagues through meals and activities in a beautiful location.”

“The venue contributed greatly to connecting with colleagues, in that there was no internet. I felt like I was in summer camp!”

“It was great to be able to have so many activities and ways to soak up the beautiful setting. Loved kayaking, tie dye, swimming the lake.”

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Photos courtesy of The Nature Conservancy.