Cashless in Camp

The Lair offers several options to make purchases at our camp stores and Burger Shacks.

  1. Go cashless in camp by opting-in to having your credit card saved online in your Lair account.
  2. Buy a pre-paid gift card for any amount and use for store and Burger Shack purchases.
  3. Pay with cash or credit card each time you make a purchase.

If you opt for having your credit card saved in your online Lair account, you can enjoy buying treats, Lair wear, burgers, massages, and more during your Lair stay, and at the end of the week, we’ll charge your card just once at the end of your stay for the total of your purchases.

Sign Up to go Cashless in Camp

  1. Log in to your online Lair account at least 3 days before the start of your Lair stay.
  2. Go to My Profile link at left, and then to Other Information and hit Edit.
  3. Update your account with your credit card and expiration date, and click the box that reads: Use at camp

Please note:

  • It’s best to sign-up for this program before you camp as it could take a full day to activate.
  • You can always make purchases at the camp stores and Burger Shacks using a Lair gift card, credit card or cash for each transaction.