We Are Cal Alumni

Natalie Coughlin

Alice Waters

Norm Mineta

Jennifer Granholm

Bob Haas

Where Are They Now?

A video series, presented by the Cal Alumni Association and Cal Athletics, featuring a former student-athlete Cal alum.

Joe Kapp

Proverb Jacobs

Larry Baer

Ryan Gutierrez

Kate Scott

Bob Tuck

Dick Bahme

Burl Toler Jr.

Michelle Tafoya

Ed Bartlett

Russell White

Stacy Baba

Academic Center

Hardy Nickerson

Tony Smith

Peter Wright

Cal Philanthropy Day 2010

On Cal Philanthropy Day, students took to the camera to express their sincere gratitude for the alumni contributions that make their education possible.

The Play

A legendary play that has become part of the lore of college football. Go Bears!