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Lair of the Golden Bear

2021 Reservations Information

The Lair will begin accepting reservations for summer 2022 this January!

September 11, 2021
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The Lair is closed for the 2021 season

The U.S. Forest Service closed down the Stanislaus National Forest, among other California forests, at midnight, Tuesday, August 31. The forest will be closed to all visitors through September 17. Unfortunately, due to the shutdown, the Lair had to cancel our September sessions. All camp fees for these sessions will be fully refunded.

While there is no imminent fire danger to the Lair at this time, the Forest Service is exercising caution, as they are anticipating a large number of visitors to the forest over the Labor Day weekend. The potential for new fires increases as additional visitors occupy the forest, and because there are already so many fires burning in California, the Forest Service is taking these preemptive measures.

We are deeply disappointed that we cannot host campers who had planned to join us. We hope to see everyone in 2022.

The Lair will begin accepting reservations for summer 2022 this January!

To get on our mailing list, go to our booking site here!

Email updates and reminders will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. Here are the booking protocols for our 2021 camping season: »

We understand that even with our enhanced safety policies, not all campers will feel comfortable returning to the Lair this summer. Your booking (or lack of booking) for 2021 will not impact your reservation priority for 2022. We will use 2020’s booking as your priority for your 2022 reservation priority.

Have questions?

Get some quick answers by reviewing our FAQs for summer 2021. You can also give us a call or send an email with your questions.

If you need help making your reservation, check out this tutorial video to learn how to make a booking request.

We can’t predict how Covid-19 will play out for 2022, and we will make every effort for our 2022 season to return to our usual reservation priorities based on what we had hoped would happen in 2020.

All policies are subject to change as CDC and local and state guidelines change.