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Winter 2022-2023

Egypt & the Eternal Nile II [Singles: waitlist only]

Explore Cairo’s intriguing ancient sites: the Pyramids of Giza, the enigmatic Sphinx, Memphis, and the necropolis of Sakkara.

Mystical Migration of the Monarchs

Photograph the dramatic colors of the butterflies as they hang in clusters from the trees, drink from streams, feed on wildflowers, and soar in the air above.

Lindblad Expeditions©

Wild Belize Escape: Wildlife, Reefs & Rivers

Tour Highlights Wander through Belize’s tropical wilderness, and kayak or paddleboard along white sand beaches. Take a dip in turquoise lagoons with the unique opportunity to snorkel alongside sea turtles, rays, and tropical fish in the world’s second largest coral reef system. The expedition continues inside the Maya Biosphere Reserve—which is twice the size of […]

Ultimate Tanzania

Experience world-class wildlife viewing in the heart of the Serengeti.

New Zealand: Circumnavigating the South Island

FREE three-night Sidney pre-cruise extension available!

Mayan Splendor in Mexico’s Yucatán

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book by Dec. 31 and save a total of $250 per person. Save an additional $250 per person, for a total of $500 off per person, when you use the code SAVE1004. Just write the code on your reservation form! This offer ends Oct. 4, 2022.

Bali, Singapore, Thailand & Angkor Wat

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT Book by Sep. 20 and save a total of $250 per person.

United Arab Emirates

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT Book by Sep. 13 and save a total of $250 per person.

Lindblad Expeditions©Copyright Alexandra C. Daley-Clark

Costa Rica & the Panama Canal

Free round-trip air if booked by June 30, 2022

Patagonian Frontiers: Argentina and Chile by Land & Sea 2023

Spend three nights in breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, a 700-square-mile UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Photo credit Lindblad Expeditions

Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II

Walk among birds that have no instinct to flee humans: blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, albatrosses, and Darwin’s finches.

Cuba & its People – Featuring the African Diaspora [waitlist only]

Daily excursions will broaden your perspective of Cuba while benefiting and supporting the local people.

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