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Winter 2023-2024

Forest and mountains in remote landscape

New Zealand Adventure [on request]

It’s a tale of two islands as our small group journeys from New Zealand’s North to its South, through lively cities and pristine fjords, past lush farmland and enchanted forests in a land where the outdoors is the national shrine. Add engaging “Kiwis” and intriguing indigenous cultures – it’s a pure New Zealand experience.

Antarctica Discovery [on request]

Journey through the vast beauty of the White Continent, featuring pristine polar wilderness, abundant wildlife, and spectacular scenery. Visitors to Antarctica find inspiration and perspective among elemental forces of ice, snow, water, and rock, and become a part of the story of discovery.

Chilean Wonders: Lake District & Patagonia

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book by Dec. 29 and save a total of $250 per person.

Around the World: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

Fly by custom-configured private jet to explore eleven of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

Floating fishermen village, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Journey Through Vietnam [waitlist only]

Enjoy excursions to charming Hoi An, a UNESCO site; and to a farming settlement for glimpses of daily life.

Lindblad Expeditions©Copyright Marco Ricca

Wild Galapagos Escape [waitlist only]

You’ll walk up-close among lively colonies of wildlife, all legendary for their lack of fear—see marine iguanas, frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, the famous giant tortoises, and more.

Cuba: Ecology & Culture [doubles: waitlist only]

Tour Highlights Explore the many historical influences that have shaped Cuba as you explore colonial Old Havana on foot. Learn about the island’s urban agricultural initiatives and organic farming at Alamar Organoponic Gardens. Visit Las Terrazas, a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve and self-sustained ecological community that began as a reforestation project and is now a model […]

Holiday Markets Cruise: The Festive Rhine River Düsseldorf to Basel

Tour Highlights Feel the magic of the holidays in Germany and France on a seven-night Rhine River cruise! Celebrate centuries-old traditions in festive markets aglow with twinkling lights and good cheer and overflowing with handmade decorations and other treasures. Delight in the sounds of carolers and bells and the scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and fresh […]

Mayan Splendor in Mexico’s Yucatán

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book by Jan. 6 and save a total of $250 per person.

Bali, Singapore, Thailand & Angkor Wat [singles: waitlist only]

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book by Jan. 13 and save a total of $250 per person.

Lindblad Expeditions

Costa Rica & the Panama Canal

Discover the wild rainforests of Corcovado National Park, which National Geographic dubbed “the most biologically intense place on Earth”.

Havana: The Afro-Cuban Experience [waitlist only]

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book by Dec. 5 and save a total of $250 per person.

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