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Top Draft Picks: Berkelium 5K Edition

October 23, 2020

Our first Berkelium 5K Walk/Run was a huge success, with more than 700 Golden Bears, their friends, and families participating internationally. We are so impressed with everyone who laced up their running shoes, threw on their favorite Cal gear, and got moving for this virtual event.

During the 5K, the Cal Alumni Association asked alumni to show us their “Most Cal-Spirited Run” and “Most Scenic Run” for the chance to win prizes from the Claremont Hotel and Spa and Weatherford BMW. We were so amazed by the number of entries we received and the wonderful photos taken by 5K participants that we decided to put together our own Berkelium 5K superlatives!

We hope you enjoy the following list—and we can’t wait to see the photos still to come. Tag us in your race photos using #Berkelium5K on Instagram. Thank you once again to all who participated.

Most Likely to Start a “Go Bears!” Chant at a Football Game: Libby Toub

Back of woman wearing Cal gear and holding pom poms

Most Likely to Have a Drawer Just for Cal Gear: Gil Lee

Man wearing Cal gear and a Cal flag as a cape

Most Likely to Take Oski’s Job: Mark Lee (@mrmarkeemark)

Cal mascot Oski wearing a race bib

Most Cal Spirit: Julie Anne (@vintagejulieanne)

Woman dressed in blue and gold while kicking up her leg and holding a Cal flag over her head

Most Likely to Show You Around Campus: Diya and Gede (@diyah.p_rien)

A man and woman wearing UC Berkeley shirts and smiling under a Starbucks sign

Best Dressed in Blue and Gold: Maria Herrera

Two women and two men dressed in UC Berkeley shirts and holding Cal signs

Most Likely to Cheer with You at a Cal Game: Kate Montuna (@katemontuna)

Smiling people jumping and cheering in the air

Most Likely to Know the Best Trails Around Campus: Grace Domingo (@flowers808)

Three runners smiling in front of a green field

Most Likely to Be Spotted with a Furry Friend: Diane Hirschberg

Woman in Golden Bears sweatshirt and her dog in a field

Most Athletic: Nina Zheng

Woman dressed in running gear posing in front of a tree

Most Likely to Convince You to Attend UC Berkeley: Paul

Older man wearing a Cal cap and "Berkelium" T-shirt while holding a Cal bag

Most Iconic Trio: Dave Berryman (@westsacdave)

Man and young girl holding Cal signs and walking their dog