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Scott Stephens

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Scott Stephens is a professor specializing in fire ecology and forestry in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at the University of California, Berkeley. He has provided testimony to the US House of Representatives on three occasions, to the White House, and has spoken over two-dozen times to the California Assembly, California Senate, and Governor’s Office regarding forest policy and management. Stephens’ research interests include fire management, forestry, ecosystem conservation, environmental biology/ecology, and forest policy. He is interested in the interactions of wildland fire and ecosystems, which includes how prehistoric fires once interacted with ecosystems, how current wildland fires are affecting ecosystems, and how future fires, changing climates, and management may change this interaction. Stephens also is interested in forest and fire policy and how it can be improved to meet the challenges of the next decades, both in the US and internationally. Learning more about indigenous burning by Native Americans in California is a recent area of learning. He is the director of the university’s Fire Science Laboratory and also directs the California Fire Science Consortium that provides information to managers to hopefully make better decisions. He has worked extensively in the USA, Australia, and Mexico and has also worked in the northern boreal forest of Canada. Stephens has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Sacramento State University and a PhD in Wildland Resources Management from UC Berkeley and loves to do field work, teach classes, hike, and ride his bike.

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