Ethiopia: Cradle of Civilization 2022

May 13 – 27, 2022 [singles: waitlist only]

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From $5,995 [including air from SFO]
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Level 3
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Odysseys Unlimited
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Tour Description 

  • Encounter the abundant historical, natural, and cultural heritage of northern Ethiopia, with visits to multiple UNESCO sites.
  • Explore the exciting, diverse capital city of Addis Ababa, a melding of old and new.
  • Tour the National Museum of Ethiopia, home to the remains of the 3.2-million-year-old skeleton of the hominid Lucy.
  • Meet the Negede people – a local ethnic group who live along the shores of Lake Tana – in their village, and learn about their papyrus boats.
  • Take a boat trip on the lake to the Zege Peninsula, known for its round, grass-roofed churches with magnificent murals.
  • Hike up to the fabled Blue Nile Falls, one of Ethiopia’s most popular sights.
  • Admire items, including jewelry, woven and embroidered garments, ox-horn drinking vessels, and grass baskets (a local specialty), in Bahir Dar’s handcraft market.
  • In Gondar, explore the ruins of the 17th-century castle complex of Fasil Ghebbi, a UNESCO site.
  • Ascend to the stunning Ethiopian Highlands for a two-night stay in the exotic Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO site and home to rare and endemic wildlife.
  • See the remains of the Kingdom of Axum, including the massive Obelisk of Axum, at various UNESCO archaeological sites in the holy city of Axum, the kingdom’s former capital.
  • Visit Lalibela’s 11 incredible rock-hewn churches, carved out of actual rock between the 7th and 13th centuries.
  • Marvel at the remarkable cave church of Yemrehanna Kristos with its elaborate carvings and murals.
  • Attend a traditional coffee ceremony, a time-honored ritual with this beverage that figures so prominently in local life and that is considered some of the world’s finest.
  • Encounter the fascinating tribes of southern Ethiopia, along with the wildlife of two national parks, on a 6-day/5-night post-tour extension.
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