Ethiopia - Treasures of Abyssinia: A Tapestry of Man and God

Oct. 21-Nov. 5, 2018

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Classic Escapes
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Ethiopia is the home of legends and monuments, both formed by the great hand of nature and erected by the genius and devotion of man. From the moment you land in Addis Ababa, you will be immersed in the wonder of the city’s mighty cathedral and brought face to face with a plaster of Lucy – our oldest ancestor and a cornerstone of modern evolutionary science. This trip will take you through the many vibrant landscapes of Ethiopia, from the Simien Mountains to the Blue Nile Falls and will present to you the man-made wonders of the sparkling pink churches in Lalibela and the European-style castle fortress of Emperor Fasilides. Exotic plant and animal life blends into remarkable works of art and religious iconography, coming together to create an adventure unlike any other.

Optional pre-extension to Bale Mountains | October 17-23, 2018

Optional post-extension to Danakil Depression | November 4-9, 2018

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