The Wildlife and Botany of Madagascar

1. Jun. 1-15, 2018 [waitlist only]
2. Jun. 15-29, 2018

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Madagascar is called the “Red Island” for its ochre-colored soil, but it could easily be “blue” for its sapphire mines, “green” for its lush forests, and any color of the rainbow for the unique flora and fauna that exist only here. You’ll discover all this as well as the traditions of the Malagasy, the world’s only Afro- Asian culture. Our adventure with Cal Discoveries Travel takes us to national parks, arboretums and research stations where lemurs, chameleons, and flying foxes inhabit one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and beyond! Join Dr. Steve Ruzin, Director of the College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility as we discover the 8th continent together.


  • Visit Lemur’s Park, a botanical park where nine species of lemur can be observed roaming freely.
  • Discover the sacred royal village of Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Explore the sandstone canyons and waterfalls of Isalo National Park.
  • Learn about sustainability and biodiversity in Ranomafana National Park at Centre Valbio, a facility run by Dr. Patricia Wright that is now Madagascar’s leading field research center.
  • Experience a taste of Malagasy life while exploring Ambatolampy and visiting a pot factory which are used all throughout the island.
  • Investigate Madagascar’s over 12,000 plant species (up to 80% are endemic) , showcasing Madagascar, as one of the most, diverse floras in the world.
  • Witness extraordinary biogeography as Madagascar houses 100% of the world’s lemurs, half of the world’s chameleon populations and 6% of the world’s amphibian populations.