Astounding Antarctica

Feb. 4 – 15, 2020

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Number of days: 
From $9,495
Activity Level: 
Level 2
Max Passengers: 
132 (ship capacity)
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Tour Description 

  • Join this truly life-changing adventure to experience the boundless beauty and pristine vastness of Antarctica. This remote continent and its precarious waterways have hosted some of the most courageous explorers in history, and have been the scenes of both triumph and tragedy since Captain Cook first sailed the region in 1773.
  • Embark from Ushuaia, Argentina, and cruise through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands amid the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Explore the dramatic landscapes and remarkable wildlife that call this continent home.
  • Trek through penguin rookeries, observe vast flocks of seabirds, learn about Antarctic ice conditions, and discover the sites of both past and present scientific expeditions.
  • Your vessel for this amazing journey is the 132-guest Ocean Adventurer, a nimble craft designed specifically for polar cruising—with recently-renovated cabins, exceptional amenities, and a knowledgeable and friendly crew. Her small size provides the ability and agility to maneuver narrow channels, make various landings and access bays that are closed to bigger ships. The ship also features an ice-strengthened hull and fin stabilizers for smoother sailing.