Your Journey

Things to Do


There is no shortage of things to do in this university town, which is rich with history and cultural traditions. Listen to live music, float leisurely down the Cherwell or Thames river on a flat-bottom boat, or drink a pint at a medieval pub. You can take part in optional weekend excursions or choose to escape to London or other nearby European destinations.

Preparing for Your Trip

You will receive detailed information on trip logistics and preparation after being formally accepted into the program. For assistance in planning your trip, you may also review the information below.

Student Visas

A student visa is required for each U.S. citizen participating in the program. You will be provided with an official document confirming your enrollment and participation in the Oxford Berkeley Program in your final documents, which you will receive about a month prior to departure. You will need to present this letter at UK immigration control in order to obtain a student visitor visa. Most participants only need this letter to obtain the visa, but it is advised to review UK immigration requirements to ensure you follow all procedures required for entry.

Domestic Travel: Getting to Oxford

There are a variety of options to travel from London to Oxford, including shuttle service, train, or car. Check out Oxford University’s Getting to Oxford page for more information.