Timeless Cuba Cruise

Dec. 8-15, 2017 [waitlist only]

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Number of days: 
$2,199 (and up)
Activity Level: 
Moderately Active
Tour Operator: 
Go Next
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Tour Description 
  • Open the door to Cuba’s soul on this week-long luxury cruise through the heart of this once-forbidden island nation.
  • Embark aboard the Oceania Insignia in Miami, an international city built on the foundation of Cuban immigration; and make your way to Havana, Cuba’s largest city and the epicenter of the nation’s lively lifestyle.
  • Go beyond the tourist destinations during your two days in Havana with our unparalleled Go Next Exclusive Excursions.
  • These trips, offered exclusively to Go Next travelers, allow you to dive deep into the city’s 500 years of history and culture with intimate group sizes and uniquely educational experiences.
  • From Havana, sail the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the astounding bayside city of Cienfuegos, a former French settlement which remains a paragon of 19th-century urban planning.
  • Your last stop on the island is the Southeastern cultural hub of Santiago de Cuba.
  • As the birthplace of Desi Arnaz and Bacardi Rum, home to the tide-turning Battle of San Juan Hill, and the site of the Cuban Revolution’s victory proclamation, every aspect of Cuban history is deeply ingrained in the island’s second largest city.

*Date, price, and itinerary are subject to change.