What to Bring and Other FAQs

To help you gear up, everything you need to know about staying with us is noted below. If you have additional questions, just give us a call!

Weather Forecast for your Weekend

The Sierra winter weather can be unpredictable and extreme—please prepare accordingly. It is critical that your vehicle is either a 4x4 equipped with snow tires, or that you carry chains and know how to put them on. Chalet staff cannot be held responsible for chaining up vehicles or digging them out of the snow. Also critical is that you bring clothes appropriate for the season. See below for more detailed clothing instructions under “what to bring.”

See the forecast »

Directions to Pinecrest Chalet

It’s very easy to find Pinecrest Chalet from the Lair of the Bear. We’re about a half mile away on Dodge Ridge Road. If this is your first time to the Chalet, please check our directions.

Directions »

Cancellation Policy

  • Occupancy and programming deposits are refundable when cancellations/changes are requested and confirmed in writing by the Pinecrest Chalet 30 or more days before the reservation date, except for a $25 service fee that will be charged.
  • Within the 30 day cancellation/change period, guests are responsible for the entire occupancy and programming charges of their reservation, except when vacancies resulting from cancellations or changes are filled, in which case only the $25 service fee will be charged.
  • Programming reservations are subject to cancellation or modification by the Pinecrest Chalet with 72 hours (three days) notice due to minimum participation requirements.

What to Bring

Strongly Recommended:

  • Tire Chains: The weather can be severe, and chains may be required to arrive at or depart from Pinecrest. Chalet. The Chalet cannot be held responsible for putting on chains or moving vehicles that cannot drive in the snow. A 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended.
  • Bedding: The Chalet provides bedding and accommodations are heated, but it’s not a bad idea to bring an extra blanket or two in case the temperature dips unexpectedly low during the night.
  • Snow clothes: Thermals, a waterproof shell, wool socks, gloves/mitts, warm head gear, scarves, fleece, sweaters, extra pair of shoes and pants, waterproof boots, sunglasses, etc.

Optional Items:

  • Pets! Yes, you can bring your four-legged family members to the Chalet for just $20 per night. Leash is required.
  • Recreational items: Musical instruments, reading material, board games, playing cards, shovel for snow.
  • Athletic equipment: Skis, snow shoes, sleds, thermos and water bottles, day packs.
  • If your family includes a baby: Diapers, portacrib, playpen, toys, a baby tub.
  • Miscellaneous vacation needs: Sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, lip balm, band aids, laundry soap, rain/snow gear.

Items NOT to Bring:

  • Space heaters or propane lanterns.
  • Motorized snow vehicles.

Also Available:

  • Free washing machines and dryers are available at the Chalet (bring your own detergent).
  • You can find Chalet apparel and memorabilia for sale in the lobby. It’s pretty cool! Credit cards are preferred.

Internet Service at the Chalet

We hope you can unplug while at the Chalet and focus on time with your family and fun in the wilderness. However, if you need to stay connected, we certainly understand, and our updated internet service should allow you to do so. If you find it is spotty in your accommodation, feel free to work in the lobby or den.

Please note that our wireless service is not nearly as fast as what most families have in their homes, so we ask that you use our wireless access for email and web browsing only—please do not download video, or use Skype or other video-related sites while at the Chalet.

Cell phone reception is typically okay if you use Verizon, however other services get almost no reception.

We hope you’ll join us for a Winter Weekend at the Chalet!