The Leadership Award: Domestic Scholarship Chairs

Domestic Scholarships Chairs for The Leadership Award oversee the local interview process for incoming freshmen and junior-transfer students. The position requires collaboration with fellow alumni, applicants, and the Alumni Scholarships Department at the Cal Alumni Association (CAA).

Open positions:

  • Virtual - California-Based (The Leadership Award)
  • Santa Cruz County (The Leadership Award)
  • San Fernando Valley (The Leadership Award)
  • Pasadena (The Leadership Award)
  • South Los Angeles - Long Beach Area (The Leadership Award)
  • Los Angeles (The Leadership Award)
  • West Los Angeles (The Leadership Award)
  • Texas - Austin Area (The Leadership Award)

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Job Description

Scholarships Chairs report to the Program Manager of Volunteer Engagement.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Cal alumna or alumnus in good standing with the Alumni Scholarships Department and Cal Alumni Association.
  • Resident of the district.
  • Light availability (1-2 hours per week, fluctuating) from March to May 2020.
  • Substantial availability (10 - 20 hours) in June/July 2020 (Note: time required varies greatly depending on district and number of finalists to interview)
  • Ability to secure a venue for interviews. Note: CAA does not provide funding.
  • Availability to host an interview event(s) between June and July 2020.


Build a strong local team:

  • Recruit local alumni volunteers.
  • Train all volunteers before permitting them to serve on an interview panel.
  • Communicate with volunteers as necessary.

Prepare for and oversee interviews:

  • Procure an appropriate venue for interviews – to be held in June or July.
  • Coordinate interviews – in-person and virtual – for all applicants in your assigned district.
  • Conduct interview event(s) and follow up with CAA staff as necessary.
  • Utilize an Google Apps to view training materials, manage interviewees assigned to the region, and print materials.

Adhere to CAA and Alumni Scholarships Department policy:

  • Read the CAA Scholarship Chair Guide and sign all necessary agreement forms.
  • Agree to the terms of the Data Management Protocol Agreement.
  • Complete Scholarship Chair training provided by CAA, including all mandatory conference calls and training sessions.
  • Submit all interviewing paperwork to CAA.
  • Respond promptly to emails and voicemails from the Program Manager.


  • Connect with fellow Cal alumni, including other Scholarship Chairs, in your area.
  • Give back to your community, CAA, and Cal.
  • Engage with future Cal Bears.
  • Help select the next class of top student leaders receiving The Leadership Award.
  • Refine your organizational and leadership skills.

Support from CAA Alumni Scholarships

  • Training: comprehensive training on all parts of the position.
  • Scholarships Chair Meetings: facilitation of opportunities to interact with other Scholarships Chairs, gain clarification on duties or responsibilities, and share best practices.
  • Materials for outreach to alumni and applicants: approved text, flyers, and templates.
  • Leads for volunteer recruitment: a list of volunteers currently in your district, distributed for the sole purpose of recruiting alumni volunteers (contingent upon signing the Data Management Protocol Agreement).