Data Management Protocol and Confidential Information Agreement

The University of California and the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) are aware of the growing concern about privacy. In an age with increasingly aggressive marketing tactics and identity theft, issues of what information is available to whom, and when, are at the forefront of our thoughts and have informed the creation of the CAA’s policies about data distribution and maintenance.

CAA will produce and distribute lists of contact information for relevant alumni/admitted students to CAA volunteers once we have received this from signed and dated, with the following stipulations:

  • List will not be released or disclosed to individuals or entities.
  • User will comply with UCB laws and policies including this DMPA and the Data Management, Use, and Protection Policy.
  • List will be considered SINGLE USE ONLY documents.
  • Lists will be destroyed after initial use.
  • Lists will be used and destroyed within one month of receipt of list.
  • Data will be:
    • Transferred via secure means from CAA to the alumni who has signed the DMPA (via encrypted excel file)
    • Kept in a secure location while in use
  • Any computer containing data provided by CAA will be sufficiently secured through firewall protections and password protections.
  • Alumni understand that the data provided by CAA will be appropriate to the current task (e.g. a listing of email addresses for an email communication, or a list of street addresses for a hard copy mailing).

I, the undersigned, have read and understood the contents of this agreement and promise to abide by the above stipulations.  I understand that if I do not follow the above rules, I will not be allowed to volunteer with CAA again in the future or be able to access contact information in the future.

Please Note - not all volunteer positions with CAA will have direct interaction with alumni/student data. The Program Manager for each department will indicate if this agreement pertains to your position and if your agreement is required to participate.