Why Volunteer with CAA

Whether you want to come back to campus for the first time in 20 years, reconnect with classmates, build a stronger connection with the University, or make a difference in students’ lives; the Cal Alumni Association is a place where you can do it all!

We encourage you to read the stories from our passionate and dedicated alumni volunteers to find out what volunteering with the Cal Alumni Association can do for you.

Allyson Gipson BA ’84, M Arch. ’86
Alumna Exemplifies and Shares Cal’s Excellence
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Carol Kavanagh Clarke ‘60
Do you speak Cal?
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Program Spotlight - The Berkeley Network

2017 Winter Externship Program Highlights


The Cal Alumni Association hosted three UC Berkeley students as a part of the Winter Externship Program, co-sponsored by The Career Center and CAA. Three Cal Students had the opportunity to shadow Jared Scherer, Chief Program Officer, and Jordan Henigman, Program Manager of The Berkeley Network for two days as a part of the Winter Externship program. They also had the opportunity to meet with and learn from our Development, Marketing, Membership, and Scholarships departments. Check out our Externs’ testimonials below!

imageJulie Ambo ’19
“I extern-ed at CAA for two days with two other Cal students. I had thought I would simply shadow my sponsor, as in follow him in his daily responsibilities, but that was not the case. Instead, we got to learn about a variety of departments in CAA. My favorite was “Marketing,” where we met with a Cal graduate who now works for CAA to proofread every written piece that CAA releases — from newsletters to emails. I was grateful to learn about marketing because before I did the externship, I had never considered a career in that field— now, I’m not so sure!”

imageAndrew Garcia Chavez ’20
“My Externship at the Cal Alumni Association was great. I got to meet some very interesting people. I was exposed to the non-profit side of business. Not only that but I was given a project, from my sponsors, to see how the CAA could market new Cal Alumni but also undergraduates. I worked with the other two externs and we were able to come up with a variety of solutions for them. Apart from this, I was able to network with almost everyone at the office and gain some invaluable connections.​”

imageNoel Pond-Danchik ’17
“As an extern, I had the chance to do hands on work even though I only had two days and shadowed a number of different sectors of the organization.  I learned about marketing, finance, event organizing, and just what it’s like to be a part of an organization like the Cal Alumni Association.  Everyone who worked there was extremely friendly and open to answering questions and I learned about myself and what I am more or less interested in doing in my future career.”