Charter Gala

The Cal Alumni Association’s traditional Charter Gala will not take place in 2015, however plans for a Charter Gala event in 2016 are under way. The 2015 Alumni Award recipients will be honored at various campus celebrations.
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Thank you so much for attending our sold out Charter Gala 2014. We hope you enjoyed celebrating the 146th anniversary of the University of California, Berkeley, and honoring our distinguished alumni award recipients.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

2014 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients
At Charter Gala we honored the Alumnus of the Year, the recipients of the Excellence in Achievement Award, and the recipients of the Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumnus/a.

Alumnus of the Year

Excellence in Achievement Award Recipients

Laurence M. Baer ’80

Bob Epstein ’74, M.S. ’76, Ph.D. ’80

Jennifer M. Granholm ’84

Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumna Recipient

Minh Dang ’06, MSW ’13

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