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California Magazine Archive

National Gun Violence Awareness Day Press Conference / Courtesy of Jesse Gabriel

‘A very big deal’: Proposed legislation would tax California gun sales to fund violence prevention

By Leah Worthington

“I joined the gun violence prevention movement because of school shootings like Uvalde and Parkland. Shootings that left me terrified to go to school. Shootings that left me worried that I was going to be the next headline,” the Oakland 9th grader told the senators emphatically. “I am here today pleading for a change.”

Rebekah Shirley

Want to Solve the Climate Crisis? Invest in Africa

By David Silverberg

As Deputy Director of World Resources Institute Africa, Shirley is on a mission to accelerate the continent’s clean energy industry and spread awareness about the paltry financing the sector currently attracts.

San Quentin / Pat Joseph

Stuck in the Middle

By Glen Martin

Kevin Sawyer is a man of many parts. He's a certified commercial and residential electrician. A trained paralegal. A skilled guitarist and pianist. He's also an inmate at San Quentin State Prison serving an indeterminate life sentence for burglary and sexual assault.

Giobbi in a signature Grateful Dead t-shirt / Tomas Morgan

Hippie House Music: DJ Puts a New Spin on the Dead

By Leah Worthington

Around 11 p.m., a curly-haired woman, twinkling in a black, sequined pantsuit, took to the stage to roaring applause. A tie-dye Dead shirt peeked out underneath her jacket as she fit headphones over her ears and hit play.

Eric Carter

Eric Carter recently published his second book, “In Pursuit of Health Equity: A History of Latin American Social Medicine,” with the University of North Carolina Press. Since 2012, he has been teaching at Macalester College in Minnesota, where he is the Edens Professor of Geography and Global Health. Eric lives in Saint Paul with his wife and two […]

Scott Silver

This summer marks three years of Co-founding The Quality Edit (, is a modern media company at the intersection of content, curation, and conversion. The Quality Edit has become the go-to site for product recommendations, trend forecasting and more, and Scott Silver leads the Editorial Operation with over 50 writers contributing to the site monthly.   Scott just celebrated […]

Melissa Blaustein

Melissa Blaustein is currently the Mayor of Sausalito. After graduating Berkeley in 2010, she got her masters in public policy at Science Po in Paris. She is getting her second masters in Homeland Security at Monterey Army base. A dedicated swimmer, she swam the English Channel in 2018. She is founder of Allied for Startups headquartered in Brussels.

Diane Steenman

Cal ’68 classmates will commemorate our 55th reunion at the Golden Bear Luncheon on Friday, October 6, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Pauley Ballroom during Alumni and Parents Weekend at Homecoming. Other Golden Bears who graduated 50+ years ago will also be joining us at the luncheon.  In addition to the Reunion Luncheon, the Center on […]

Susana Fattorini

Nominated by a student, Latina visual art high school teacher Susana Fattorini received a Public Service Award from Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell in 2022 during Hispanic Heritage Month, for writing the class Art & Culture, which recognizes and celebrates diverse and living artists in the curriculum, as well as a focus on exploration and expression of […]

“Nakata,” Roamer October 1910 Album, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

Nakata’s Smile: Unlocking the Diaries of Jack London’s Valet

By Aleta George

The reference librarian slid the archival container across the counter. “This looks like a fun box to look through,” he said. I smiled behind my face mask.

(Pat Joseph)

Pac-4 Blues: Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Pac-12 Implosion

By Scott Ball

In case you missed the headlines, the Pac-12, Cal’s athletic conference, blew up over the weekend, leaving observers slack-jawed.

Shuttered California Theater in downtown Berkeley (Pat Joseph)

A Writer Returns to Berkeley in his New Novella

By Deven M. Patel

Writer James Terry, ’92, loved Berkeley and the culture that surrounded it—all the funky moviehouses, legendary bookstores, and iconic cafes, most of which have disappeared with the times.