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Cheryl Kalberer / Cal Alumni Association

Our Priorities

Connecting more than half a million UC Berkeley alumni to today’s students, to our university, and to each other. We’re on a mission to create an inclusive, vibrant community where Cal alumni worldwide can enjoy a lifelong relationship with Berkeley.

Our Values

Excellence of UC Berkeley

We are committed to the preservation of UC Berkeley as a world-class public, teaching, and research university.

Sather gate arch Steve McConnell / UC Regents

Home of Cal Spirit

We predicate our work on a deep appreciation for UC Berkeley and all that makes it excellent.

two people in a crowd smiling and giving a thumbs up Paul Espanola / Cal Alumni Association

Welcoming and Inclusive

Person with glasses having a conversation with another person

Commitment to Innovation

We deliver dynamic programming to engage our global alumni community and connect us to each other and the university.

Aerial view of UC Berkeley campus and Campanile Alan Nyiri, courtesy of the Atkinson Photographic Archive / UC Regents

Our Mission

Since its founding in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has endeavored to advance and promote the interests of the University of California, Berkeley by connecting alumni with each other and our alma mater. We inform, engage, and inspire alumni to support the university by:

  • Participating and volunteering in university and alumni activities
  • Acting as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the university
  • Giving to the university

Create Opportunities

We will prioritize high-yield alumni engagement activities that serve and support our diverse and unique alumni community.

Make the Connection

We will serve as the hub that links alumni to each other and to the multiple facets of our alma mater.

Build Together

We will forge coordinated, impactful relationships between the university and its alumni.

Work for the Future

We will be important partners in students’ success, lending our full support during key milestones in the student life cycle and creating networks that advance equity at Berkeley.

Support Your Alumni Association

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and self-funded organization, the Cal Alumni Association relies on alumni support to operate its programs and provide scholarships to Cal students. When you make a contribution to CAA, you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will have significant impact on vital programming for alumni and students, as well as on the future of the university.

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