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Sight Unseen

The paradox of blindsight might unlock the mystery of consciousness.
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Image source: Courtesy of Harvard

Dr. Mireille Kamariza is Leading the Fight Against Tuberculosis

The Berkeley researcher’s technology is undergoing clinical trials. GROWING UP IN THE BURUNDI AND CAMEROON, Dr. Mireille Kamariza, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. “I had a general curiosity towards nature,” says Kamariza. “I was particularly intrigued by the sky and the stars and the vastness of space. As a result, I had a fondness for […]

Vaccine Passports: Are They Legal—Or Even a Good Idea?

Even as California inches toward economic and social reopening, the virus is running rampant in other states—most notably, Michigan—and outside the U.S., in countries that have received little or no vaccine. There is increasing concern that the highly contagious variants now circulating could fuel a nationwide surge this summer. Thus, the interest in so-called COVID […]

Black Cultural History at Cal: Sun Ra, James Baldwin, and More

A selection of speakers and cultural events that campus has played host to over the years UC Berkeley has historically been a magnet for African American activists, artists, and thinkers but never more so than during the tumultuous ’60s and ’70s. And with a little googling, many of these historical appearances can still be seen, […]

Radical Roots: Finding Environmentalism Amid the Schisms of mid-’60s Berkeley

The 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement this year is also the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. In the turbulent river of radicalism that reached flood stage in mid-’60s Berkeley, radical environmentalism was just one branch. That is the tributary I want to navigate here. But it is good to sit down at […]

From the Archives

In Flew Enza

Remembering the Plague Year in Berkeley.

Image source: Mark Peterson/Redux


The traditional task of the writer in California has been to write about what it means to be human in a place advertised as paradise. Disappointment has always been the theme. The literature to come will begin with a different expectation.

Into the Deep Freeze: What Kind of Person Chooses to Get Cryonically Preserved?

The first man to be cryonically preserved was Berkeley psychologist James Bedford. Half a century later, he’s still on ice.

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