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The Surprising Story of the Berkeley Attorneys Who Helped Desegregate the South

Anthony Lee simply wanted to go to high school.
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From the Archive: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Industry

From the June/July 1967 issue of California Monthly, "The Generation Gap." A panel discussion featuring Bob Bonis, Tom Donahue, Ralph J. Gleason (moderator), Bill Graham, and Phil Spector, industrialists in the economy of the young.

Recounting the Play, Play-by-Play, 40 Years On

Context and insight on that moment in 1982 when the football gods proved to fans everywhere that the cliches really are true: Anything can happen, and It ain’t over till it’s over.

Rockin’ the Plaza

In Lower Sproul, free concerts are a long (and loud) tradition. At five past noon, 15 students wait patiently at the south end of Lower Sproul Plaza. They stand facing an empty stage and, behind it, a quiet Eshleman Hall. Ferraby Lionheart is due to play. The assembled audience is small by any measure, but nonetheless […]

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