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More Berkeley on the Jukebox

By Pat Joseph

Volume II in our growing playlist of Cal-connected music.

Marcus Hanschen

Exit Interview with the Chancellor

By Pat Joseph

After seven years at the helm, Carol Christ hangs up her iconic blue blazer. Before she headed out the door, California sat down with her for a final interview.


The Bedrock of Good Journalism

By Francisco Martínezcuello

2024 Alum of the Year Bill Whitaker brings integrity to his storytelling.


What to Read, Watch, and Listen to This Summer

By California magazine editors

Here are our favorite books, shows, and podcasts by people from Berkeley to enjoy this summer.

Illustrations by Patrick Welsh

Cal Comedians

By Dano Nissen ’18

Six comedians walk onto campus…


A Bird’s-Eye View of People’s Park

By Pat Joseph

Where People’s Park stands now


Fuzzy Logic, Boxed Salad, and No-Fault Divorce

By Coby McDonald, M.J. ’17

Even more things you never knew came from Cal


The Ghost Ship of Inverness

By David Hopkins ’96

The mysterious origins of the “Inverness Shipwreck”

The Boy in the Library Who Wrote The Boys in the Boat

By Scott Ball

One of the most anticipated movies of the Holiday Season is due to hit cinemas on Christmas Day.

Unabomber Cabin, Sacramento, CA, 1998

The Man Who Shot the Unabomber’s Cabin

By Leah Worthington

The hideout was evidence, a symbol, and in Richard Barnes’s photos, art.

What’s on Your Berkeley-Inspired Playlist?

By Pat Joseph

While music may not be the first thing most people think of when they think of Berkeley, both the campus and town have been home to an enormously influential and eclectic music scene across the years, one with deep roots in the folk and blues revivals of the mid-20th century. 

6 Questions for Pulitzer Prizewinner Hua Hsu

By Hayden Royster

The New Yorker writer and author on his memoir of Berkeley