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An aerial view of geothermal power plants among the farmland around the southern shore of the Salton Sea. Courtesy Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

California’s Salton Sea Could be the Mother Lode of Lithium

By Glen Martin

It’s good news for EVs, but what will it mean for the local community? 

NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

The Edge Episode 25: The Heat with Jeff Goodell 

Don’t let the term “climate change” mislead you. It’s true that our environment is changing in all sorts of ways as we continue to pollute and exploit and manipulate our planet. But even as we brace for more historic typhoons and biblical floods, there’s an invisible and pervasive force that is wreaking havoc on us all: heat. In this episode, we speak with environmental journalist Jeff Goodell about his latest book, The Heat Will Kill You First, the potentially lethal effects that rising temperatures will have on our lives and on our planet, and what we can do to prepare for it.

Courtesy of Diana Foster

What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?

By David Silverberg

‘Genius’ grantee Diana Greene Foster has devoted her career to answering the question.

Marcus Hanschen

Regional Parks Provide Refuge and Recreation

By Margie Cullen

Preparing to head out from the popular Skyline Gate Staging Area in Redwood Regional Park, a hiker is presented with a number of options.

Illustration by Pushart

Dacher Keltner is Awe-Inspired, and You Should Be Too

By Laura Smith

What Dacher Keltner teaches isn’t likely to land you a job on Wall Street or even make you more hireable, but that’s not really the point.

Illustration using Canvas

Berkeley Center Brings Science-Based Mindfulness to the Masses

By Leah Worthington

A stone’s throw from the southwestern edge of campus sits a squat, nondescript, brown building with a lofty dream: to untangle the science of a meaningful life.

Courtesy of The Science of Happiness Podcast

The Edge Episode 22: The Edge Presents “Climate, Hope and Science” From the Science of Happiness

This month we’re back with something a little different. In the wake of this year’s historic floods, wildfires, and hurricanes, we asked ourselves: What would it look like to take a more optimistic attitude towards slowing climate change?

Courtesy of the Law family

“I was afraid we’d be isolated.”

By Martin Snapp

...years ago when his wife Veena gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Violet. “The first nine months were perfect,” he says. “But when Violet was ten months old...

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The Edge Episode 21: Abolish Race (in Medicine)!

For centuries, doctors have medically treated people differently according to their race because they believed that race is biological. But in the last few years, medical professionals and activists have argued that this is both wrongheaded and can be dangerous to people’s health. In this episode, we talk to Stephen Richmond, a primary care physician and assistant professor at Stanford about the movement to abolish race from medicine and how race and biology do and do not intersect. 

11 Things You’ll Never Believe Came Out of Berkeley!

By Pat Joseph

Yeah, okay, you’ll probably believe some of it. Still, we think it’s a fun list.

Pauline Ang (left) and Olivia Chen (right)

We’re not an Asian Brand. We’re not an American Brand. We’re an Asian-American Brand.

By Margie Cullen

Olivia Chen and Pauline Ang have been friends for 20 years. During the pandemic, they decided to start their own canned milk tea company, Twrl.

Laxmi, 2018

What Does the Post-Roe Future Look Like?

By Laura Smith

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, reversing 49 years of constitutional protection for abortion.