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CJ Poloka / Cal Alumni Association

California Live!

UC Berkeley’s distinguished faculty and alumni discuss the things that interest people most.

The Cal Alumni Association and California magazine have partnered with BAMPFA on this exciting speakers’ series. California Live! puts UC Berkeley’s most distinguished faculty and alumni in one place for scintillating discussions about the things that interest people most: the future of technology, cutting-edge discoveries in science, our swiftly changing social landscape, wellness in an unwell world, literature and art.

Each event will feature an exciting discussion with a high-profile Berkeley luminary, followed by Q&A with the audience.

Past Event Recordings

 March 28, 2024 

Will AI Be Humanity’s Last Act?

with Stuart Russell

Join California magazine Editor-in-Chief Pat Joseph in conversation with Professor Stuart Russell, head of UC Berkeley’s Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, about both the tremendous promise and considerable perils of artificial intelligence.

In 2023, TIME magazine counted Stuart Russell among the 100 Most Influential People in AI. He is coauthor, with Peter Norvig, of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the standard text on AI, and the author of Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control, judged among the best science and technology books of 2019. A professor of electrical engineering and computer science and holder of the Smith-Zadeh Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley, he is also an adjunct professor of neurological surgery at UC San Francisco and Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Council on AI and Robotics.



 September 7, 2023 

Life, the Universe and Everything
with Alex Filippenko

California magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Pat Joseph and astrophysicist and educator Alex Filippenko discuss Life, the Universe and Everything at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA). Pat and Alex cover topics including the mysteries of dark energy and findings from the James Webb Space Telescope, as well as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024!



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