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Since 1969, Cal Discoveries Travel has created learning opportunities for thoughtful travelers. Open your mind and satisfy your wanderlust on one of our unforgettable trips.

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Popular, quick-selling trips in 2022! These trips fill up quickly and are often repeated every year.

Dutch Waterways

Apr. 25 – May 3, 2022

On this seven-night, first-class cruise, take in Amsterdam’s gabled houses from the Dutch Golden Age, and meander through Bruges’ romantic old town and along Antwerp’s colorful lanes.

Tour Details
Two people in a boat on a canal in the city

Insider’s Japan

Mar. 28 – Apr. 9, 2022

Marvel at views of iconic Mt. Fuji and take a cruise on scenic Ashi Lake at Mt. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Tour Details
wooden structure standing in body of water in front of sunset

Inside the London Theater Scene

Jul. 3 – 16, 2022

Immerse yourself in the London theater scene for two weeks and enjoy eight performances. Experience living at the University of London’s College Hall, a student residence conveniently located in the Bloomsbury district.

Tour Details
boat heading under large tower bridge

Discover Southeast Alaska Cruise

Jul. 15 – 22, 2022

See the spray of whales only yards away and venture into secluded inlets as you get up close to nature, whether from the decks of the 76-passenger Chichagof Dream or aboard its skiffs and kayaks.

Tour Details
body of water next to trees and mountains

Unpack Once

These trips feature the convenience of unpacking once. Settle in and enjoy your surroundings.

Flavors of Northern Italy

Jun. 18 – 26, 2022

With your small group, enjoy seven nights accommodations at a historic country farmhouse amidst a wine and olive oil-producing estate. Join intimate cooking classes with locals who share their families’ histories and favorite recipes with you.

Tour Details
hand rolled gnocchis on a wooden board

Paris, Featuring the African American Experience

Jun. 4 – 12, 2022

Follow in the footsteps of Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, Eugene Bullard, and other Black luminaries on this enriching seven-night stay in Paris.

Tour Details
black and white portrait of nine soldiers

Cruising the Canary Islands & Morocco

Apr. 18 – 26, 2022

Journey with us on this extraordinary nine-day itinerary which combines the stunning natural beauty of the Canary Islands and the Moorish treasures of the rose-pink cities of Morocco.

Tour Details
arching trunk of a tree

South of the Equator

Five continents, four oceans, and a breathtaking array of natural wonders.

Galapagos Cruise

Dec. 2 – 11, 2022

See Galápagos as Darwin did—aboard an expedition ship equipped to give you the most engaging experience possible.

Tour Details
Blue feet, Blue-footed Booby, Sula nebouxii, Galapagos Islands, Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Tahiti & French Polynesia Under Sail

Apr. 5 – 15, 2022

Enjoy unmatched small-ship sailing amid the emerald green peaks, chalk-white atolls and beryl-blue lagoons of the Society Islands.

Tour Details
Ocean turtle swimming

Jewels of Madagascar

Aug. 6 – 21, 2022

Explore a diversity of ecosystems to get a glimpse of Madagascar’s unique flora and fauna, like lemurs, tree frogs, flying foxes, chameleons, corals, baobabs, spiny forest, and more.

Tour Details
Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta) in Madagascar Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta), Madagascar

Solo-Traveler Friendly

These trips offer no additional cost for single accommodations!

Cruise the Heart of Europe

May 4 – 17, 2022

Cruise the charming canals of Amsterdam and navigate the mighty Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers. Wander through picturesque European cities, including Amsterdam, Budapest, Cologne, Passau, and Vienna, and visit the charming towns of Koblenz, Melk and Miltenberg.

Tour Details

Trentino, South Tyrol & the Dolomites

Aug. 24 – Sep. 1, 2022

Northern Italy beckons with its remarkable heritage and alpine splendor, where snow-dusted peaks give way to pristine lakes and cascading valleys.

Tour Details
View of alps in the Dolomites

Grand Seine River & Normandy Passage

Jun. 5 – 13, 2022

From Paris to Honfleur, this spectacular seven-night Seine River cruise will reveal the majestic City of Light, colorful Norman cities and poignant wartime history.

Tour Details
green pond with lily pads surrounded by trees and bushes
Our Tour Lecturers

Meet the esteemed faculty and travel experts who accompany our trips to illuminate regional history and culture.

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