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Mykolas Alekna prepares to throw a discus at the 2024 Brutus Hamilton Invitational at Edwards Stadium. Courtesy Cal Athletics, Catharyn Hayne/KLC fotos

Epic Toss: Discus World Record-Setter Adds to Cal’s Olympic Momentum

By Margie Cullen

He’s not the only Cal athlete heading to the Paris Games.

The Boy in the Library Who Wrote The Boys in the Boat

By Scott Ball

One of the most anticipated movies of the Holiday Season is due to hit cinemas on Christmas Day.

How the Pac-12 Meltdown Sent Cal Packing

By Margie Cullen

It was July 25, and the schools of the Pac-12 were anxious and restless. 

Texas Rangers' Marcus Semien celebrates his two-run homer in the ninth inning of Game 5 of the World Series. / AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez

Good News Bear: Marcus Semien Wins it All in the World Series

By Scott Ball

On November 1, in the ninth inning of Game Five of the World Series at Chase Field in Phoenix, former Cal standout Marcus Semien planted an Arizona fastball deep into the left field bleachers for a two-run homer, sealing a 5-0 win and a series clincher for the Texas Rangers. 

Memorial Stadium, sans conference logo / Cal Athletics

From Kumbaya to Lord of the Flies

By Margie Cullen

The Pac-12 fell apart slowly, then all at once.

(Pat Joseph)

Pac-4 Blues: Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Pac-12 Implosion

By Scott Ball

In case you missed the headlines, the Pac-12, Cal’s athletic conference, blew up over the weekend, leaving observers slack-jawed.

Margie Cullen

Remembering Joe Kapp

By Pat Joseph

Joe Kapp ’59 was the greatest bad quarterback there ever was—a larger-than-life character who left his mark as a player, coach, and activist. 

Cat Willett

How A Survivor Contestant Learned to Keep Her Head Above Water

By Karla Cruz Godoy ’16 as told to Josh Sens, M.J. ’95

I found myself in the Pacific Ocean, trapped beneath a metal grate with the tide rising  around me, fighting the urge to panic.

(Jack Krusemark)

Scaling the Climate Crisis

By Margie Cullen

Molly Kawahata lives in Bozeman, Montana, so that she can climb frozen waterfalls in the frigid Rocky Mountain winters.

(Cal Intercollegiate Athletics)

Batter’s Choice: Coach Zamloch’s Reversible Baseball

By Dan Schoenholz (B.S. '85; MPP '98)

Unless you’re a hardcore baseball fan, you’re likely unaware of the new rules coming to major league baseball in 2023.

11 Things You’ll Never Believe Came Out of Berkeley!

By Pat Joseph

Yeah, okay, you’ll probably believe some of it. Still, we think it’s a fun list.

Recounting the Play, Play-by-Play, 40 Years On

Context and insight on that moment in 1982 when the football gods proved to fans everywhere that the cliches really are true: Anything can happen, and It ain’t over till it’s over.