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By Anabel Sosa

Blind thinkers, scientists, and artists showing us the way.

Running Start for Perlmutter

By Hayden Royster

Named after Cal’s Nobel-winning cosmologist Saul Perlmutter, Ph.D. ’86, Berkeley’s newest supercomputer was launched in May 2021 by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and hailed as one of the fastest ever. The next month, it ranked fifth on the coveted TOP500 list, the biannual record of the world’s most powerful commercially available supercomputers. 

Out with a Bang

By Margie Cullen

If a star dies in the universe and no one is around to see it, does it make an explosion? Scientists can now confirm that it does. 

The Edge Episode 15: I’m in Love With a Robot

It’s not easy coming up with the perfect opening line on Tinder. Artificial intelligence is already helping us compose emails and complete sentences, so why stop there? Laura and Leah talk to the founder of Keys about the possibilities—and dangers—of letting robots do the talking for us. 

The land donated by Stuart Woolf to build a high school in Huron, Calif.

The San Joaquin Valley Has a Salinity Problem

By Glen Martin

After decades of salt accumulation, Berkeley scientists look for new solutions.

This Woman is Reshaping Our Understanding of the Living World

By Hope Henderson

Rocking the tree of life.

Stuart Woolf’s farm in Huron Calif. on Oct 19.

As Water Runs Low, San Joaquin Valley Adapts to a Drier Future

By Glen Martin

In the heart of the valley

UCSF Prof. David Julius, right (Photo by Noah Berger)

Berkeley Claims Two More Nobels This Year

By Margie Cullen

David Card and David Julius won for economics and medicine, respectively.

“All Blind Roads Lead to Berkeley”

By Hayden Royster

Berkeley alum Joshua Miele wins a MacArthur for his innovations in technology for the blind.

Can We Make Mars Exploration More Affordable?

By Dhoha Bareche

Berkeley will launch two satellites to study Mars in a new era of space exploration.

New Life Sciences Incubator Opens for Business

By Margie Cullen

Berkeley is Going Big on Bioscience.

WTF is an NFT?

THIS MAY, THE UNIVERSITY ANNOUNCED it would auction off non-fungible tokens (NFTs) connected to two of its most recent Nobel Prize–winning discoveries: Jennifer Doudna’s gene-editing tool, CRISPR, and James Allison’s cancer immunotherapy.