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CAA members may obtain a library card at all of the UC campuses.

The University Library front facade.

Membership Benefit

CAA members may obtain a library card at any of the UC campuses provided they meet the qualifications to obtain a library card at that campus: Berkeley, Irvine, Davis, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz.

Library Restrictions

Library restrictions vary by campus and are subject to change. Members should check with the campus directly for these restrictions.

UC Berkeley Library Privileges

UC Berkeley Libraries are now open for in-person browsing, and hours of the Privileges Desk can be found on their website. The library is also able to remotely set-up most types of library accounts.

To set-up an account, please email privileges staff at with the following information: full legal name (including middle name), preferred name (if different), mailing address, telephone number, email address, and an image of your membership card.

You must be a California resident in order to obtain a library card and check out books. Non-residents may still access the libraries using a day pass, but may not check out books.

Privileges Desk hours and location»

Library Card Information for CAA members»

1. How to obtain a library card. Bring the following to the Privileges Desk at Doe library:

  1. CAA membership card
  2. California driver’s license

A CAA Life Member key tag is not an acceptable substitute for a CAA membership card, because it does not have the member’s name on it.

If you do not have a California driver’s license you may bring:

  • California photo ID
  • a copy of a utility or phone bill with a California address

Annual CAA member library cards must be renewed annually, and Life Member library cards must be renewed every three years. The Library does not send renewal notices.

2. CAA members who have obtained a library card may check out up to 20 books at a time. Loan periods vary, depending on the type of material borrowed, the status of the borrower, and the loan policy of the individual unit. Interlibrary loans are not permitted. Visitors who are not eligible for a library card may be eligible to use library materials on-site by obtaining a day pass. Day passes do not allow visitors to borrow books. Contact the Privileges Desk for more information on day passes.

3. Computer/Research CAA members do not have remote access to online databases. Access to online databases is available using library public computers in any library facility. Alumni members have access to the library’s catalog (UC Library Search) from anywhere and on any device.

4. Hours and locations Each library has its own hours which change periodically. Hours are particularly limited during the summer. Please view the website for the latest schedule.
View UC Berkeley Libraries open hours and locations »

For more information, please visit the UC Berkeley library website. »

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