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Share a Memory from Berkeley

March 1, 2020

We have many kindred memories of Cal, such as lounging on Memorial Glade with friends or eating Top Dog. We each have experiences from Berkeley that are just ours. Whether you once ran to class in your slippers to make it to a final on time, or met your college sweetheart handing out flyers on Sproul, each of us has special memories from our years at Cal that made our Berkeley experience unique.

We invite you to share a brief memory from your time at Berkeley through our storytelling platform. Your voice recording may even be selected to feature in a visual adaptation! Let’s get the nostalgia rolling and share some Berkeley memories with our fellow Bears.

Share A Memory

Our storytelling platform will ask you to record a short memory. You can choose to record a memory on one prompt or all of them. These prompts include:

Tell us about a specific memory with a favorite professor that you’ll always remember.

Tell us about something that happened at Berkeley that inspired you.

Tell us about a place on campus that has a special meaning for you.

Describe a time you felt 100% “Berkeley”.

We look forward to hearing all of these oh-so-Berkeley memories and sharing them with the alumni community.

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