Engaging All Alumni Worldwide for Life

Since its founding in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has endeavored to connect Cal alumni with each other and our alma mater, UC Berkeley. 145 years later, CAA continues as one of the nation’s preeminent independent alumni associations, with a mission of engaging an alumni community of nearly half a million graduates.

CAA’s 2018–2022 strategic plan was developed through a collaborative effort of the CAA Board of Directors and CAA operational staff. The strategic plan encapsulates the findings of several surveys conducted across CAA’s membership base and the broader alumni community, identifying the needs of today’s alumni base. CAA also interviewed many campus and community leaders to ensure that feedback from these key stakeholders was incorporated into the building of an even more successful alumni engagement program.

The 2018–2022 strategic plan is our best effort to highlight what we consider some of the most important strategic initiatives for the Cal Alumni Association during the next five years. The plan is guided by our updated vision that “all Cal alumni worldwide are connected and actively engaged with UC Berkeley for life.”

At the core of this plan is the belief that CAA serves all Cal alumni and that in the years ahead, the economic and political environment impacting UC Berkeley will require CAA to foster even more alumni engagement as the entrée for informed and inspired alumni to support the university. Our focus is on fostering meaningful alumni engagement and chartering timely, relevant initiatives to support our continued growth and enhanced service to our alumni and our alma mater.

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Eric Mart ’70

Jason Morimoto ’02
Past President

Our Mission

To advance and promote the interests of the University of California, Berkeley by connecting alumni with each other and our alma mater. We inform, engage, and inspire alumni to support the university by:

Participating and volunteering in university and alumni activities
Acting as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the university
Giving to the university

Our Vision

All Cal alumni worldwide are connected and actively engaged with UC Berkeley for life.

Our Values

Excellence of UC Berkeley
We are committed to the preservation of UC Berkeley as a world-class public, teaching, and research university.

Home of Cal Spirit
We predicate our work on a deep appreciation for UC Berkeley and all that makes it excellent.

Welcoming and Inclusive
We believe in providing the very best customer service to our alumni, members, and partners.

Commitment to Innovation
We deliver dynamic programming to engage our global alumni community and connect them to each other and the university.

Setting a Stage for History

To be successful in building an even stronger alumni community and providing more support for the university in the future, we need to broaden and deepen our engagement of alumni and future alumni. Over the next five years, we aim to set the stage for the next 150 years of the Cal Alumni Association and our support of the university and the alumni community. With three major strategic directions for 2018–2022, the Cal Alumni Association will:

Focus on programmatic and communication efforts that attract, engage, and serve the greatest number of alumni

Strengthen our partnership and coordination with campus

Increase our financial resources

Core Strategies

Strategy One:
Prioritize high-yield alumni engagement activities that target key alumni market segments, supported by a data-first mindset.
Strategy Two:
Serve as the hub that connects alumni to each other and to the multiple facets of our alma mater.
Strategy Three:
Ensure all Cal alumni are aware that CAA aims to reach, serve, and engage all alumni of UC Berkeley.
Strategy Four:
Orient CAA as an indispensable partner with campus in building a coordinated relationship with alumni.
Strategy Five:
Demonstrate to current students, during key milestones in their student life cycle, that CAA and the alumni community are important catalysts and partners in their success.
Strategy Six:
Pivot resources toward current and new revenue businesses that can produce the highest yield in financial ROI while also building alumni engagement.

Read the full 2018–2022 strategic plan.

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