Dynamic Five-Year Strategic Plan

While honoring our legacy of excellence and leadership, CAA is concurrently focused on the future.

Since 1872, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has advanced and promoted the interests of the University of California, Berkeley by connecting alumni with each other and our alma mater.

Our core mission to inspire support for Cal remains unchanged, although the ways that we accomplish this will start to evolve. Now is the time to reinvent, reinvigorate, and refocus the organization.

Beginning in 2013, CAA will implement a dynamic new five-year strategic plan. The focus of CAA’s plan is, well—focus. Focus on intellectual, social, cultural, and professional programs that best serve our dynamic, diverse alumni community. Focus on excellence. Focus on connectivity and engagement among the Cal community. Focus on supporting Cal’s continued global preeminence. Focus on measuring our impact. Focus on innovation. And focus on the unique and enduring spirit of our great University.

We will expand CAA Alumni Scholarships and the associated support for scholars. Our investment in Alumni Chapters will be enhanced, especially those in large Cal alumni population centers. We will grow student recruitment programs like the YES Berkeley! receptions. Cal Discoveries Travel will continue to provide lifelong learning through global excursions. Connections to Cal will strengthen through our Lair of the Golden Bear family and adult camps. By investing in digital media, we’ll expand the ways that we reach, inform, and connect alumni. In addition, we’ll launch the Berkeley Network, a series of new professional networking programs nationwide. And after considerable success with legislative advocacy efforts, CAA will continue to support the Cal Advocacy program.

With a clear vision and a focused plan, we approach this strategic plan with opportunity, innovation, connectivity, creativity, and enthusiasm for all we can accomplish.

2013-2017 CAA Strategic Plan149.36 KB