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Keegan Houser / UC Regents

A Renewed Direction for the Cal Alumni Association

Individuals become part of our UC Berkeley community the moment they begin their journeys as students. But how do we recognize and maintain their relationships with the university through the many life stages they will enter after graduation? How do we foster an environment where the members of our alumni community can continue the lifelong paths of learning and growth that they began at Berkeley? How do we actively create systems of belonging and justice that represent and reflect our alumni body?

These and other complex questions about identity and purpose drove the strategic direction that the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) began pursuing this year. As the world emerged from the pandemic to a changed landscape, CAA recognized that in order to accomplish long-term goals for new programming, financial stability must be our earliest foundational priority. Growth of current revenue programs and investment in new revenue-generating initiatives, coupled with operational efficiencies, will become pillars of this foundation. CAA will work to design a financial future that enables the organization to thrive, and—as it has since 1872—serve Cal alumni and our campus community for years to come.

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Partners in Service

Though the Cal Alumni Association is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our close relationship with the university is incontrovertible. Through collaboration with the university, CAA will build relevant and mutually beneficial programs for alumni and students, leveraging CAA’s independent status in service of our community members, particularly those from marginalized groups. By combining alumni-led programs and financial support, CAA can increase the number of students who are able to succeed at Berkeley.

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Action Beyond Tradition

We recognize that, in order to be of true service, CAA and its programs must remain relevant to our diverse alumni community. Our programs and services must evolve in order to close gaps and develop opportunities to serve all segments of our alumni body. To further our diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice (DEIBJ) principles and plan, a DEIBJ Advisory Group will be established to assess internal and external structures, identify underserved populations, and make recommendations for programs and business practices.

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Reinforcing Our Guiding Values

As the Cal Alumni Association begins its 151st year of existence, our updated mission and renewed vision statement demonstrate our continued commitment to our unparalleled alumni community. We celebrate lifelong, multifaceted relationships between alumni and our university—relationships which encompass learning, achievement, advocacy, service, philanthropy, and so much more. By cultivating meaningful and inclusive experiences for our alumni, we can contribute to an alumni culture that celebrates its diversity, creates belonging, and advances equity at UC Berkeley.



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Our Mission

To cultivate a lifelong relationship with our alma mater by connecting and inspiring alumni, students, and the campus community through meaningful and inclusive opportunities. We foster a culture that celebrates diversity, creates a sense of belonging, and advances equity.

Our Vision

All Cal alumni worldwide feel welcomed and are actively engaged with the University of California, Berkeley for life.



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Core Priorities

Strategic Priority One

Continue to serve Cal alumni and the campus community as an independent organization by ensuring our financial sustainability.

Strategic Priority Two

Enrich our whole alumni community by integrating DEIBJ principles and values in our programs and business practices.

Strategic Priority Three

Nurture and deepen our relationships with highly engaged alumni, members, volunteers, and donors.

Strategic Priority Four

Amplify and respond to the diverse voices of our evolving alumni community.

Strategic Priority Five

Expand our partnerships with campus units.

About Us

Executive Team

The Cal Alumni Association’s Executive Team leads the alumni association in executing our mission and strategic vision.

Executive Team
Board of Directors

The Cal Alumni Association’s Board of Directors guide the association and serve the UC Berkeley alumni community.

Board of Directors