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Alumni Programming

Alumni respondents were most interested in programs that connect them to the intellectual wealth at UC Berkeley.

When asked about preferences for campus-sponsored and alumni programs, alumni respondents expressed most interest in the following areas.

Survey Sponsored and Alumni Programs

Interest in university classes rose 5% compared to 2014, while reported interest in athletics games decreased 7% and interest in social events decreased 4% over 2014. Faculty lectures remained the campus-sponsored activity of greatest interest to alums.

When asked about their primary reasons for participation, surveyed alumni identified connection, knowledge, and support as key motivations.

What are your primary reasons for wanting to participate in campus-sponsored and/or alumni programs, events, and activities, either as a volunteer or as a participant?

  1. To stay to connected to the university (35%)
  2. To take advantage of the intellectual resources of UC Berkeley (34%)
  3. To show support for the university (25%)

The Under-40 Alumni Community

Alumni Community
Under-40 alumni indicated a desire to develop their networks with other alumni in related fields.

The top four areas of interest for networking are:

  1. Medicine/Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Engineering
  4. Technology