Alumni Data Pull and Email Request Form

NOTE: Convio email tools will no longer be available as of June 30, 2017. CAA will be assisting Alumni Chapters with all email communication until further notice with the exception of emails sent via a third party service.

Please note the following:

  1. Data Pull Requests take 4 weeks to fulfill. Please allow additional time if possible.   
  2. Content for the requested communication is due two weeks prior to target send date.    
  3. All event details must be listed on the Alumni Chapter’s website prior to form submission.
This date must be at least four weeks from now.
If your Data Request relates to communication about an upcoming event, please specify the date of that event here.
Alumni Chapter Contact Information for Data Request
Alumni Data Request Parameters
Please submit as much information as possible describing your target audience. Contact your chapter advisor if you have questions regarding alumni data.
Please keep in mind that best practice for an email blast is to keep the email list between 500-2,000. Lists that exceed 2,000 will be shortened as our Data Team sees fit based on other parameters available (i.e. only including individuals on the email list who live an hour drive away from the event venue).
(please leave blank if you want all years)
Please list possible campus affiliations (Colleges, majors, student organizations, etc.) and activities that describe your target audience.