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The Alumni Scholars Program provides invaluable support to Cal undergraduates. Our awards programs help the best and brightest excel at Berkeley by alleviating the burden of college education costs and providing a vital support network as they prepare for success at Cal and beyond.

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In Scholars' Words: Your Support Means Everything

  • “Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for listening to our struggles and our stories and for allowing every scholar to feel that success is within their reach.”

  • “Finances are a significant concern for me, especially as a self-financed student. This scholarship greatly reduces my college expenses, and therefore, allows me to focus on my academics and pursue opportunities that will benefit my career.”

  • “When I received my email saying that I had been awarded this scholarship, I could not stop smiling.... I will always remember the surge of happiness I felt in the moment when I received the email. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for taking your time to interview me, and thank you for creating a positive impact in my life.”

  • “Thanks to this scholarship, I can decrease my work study hours and focus more on studying and becoming part of the Berkeley community. As a transfer student, I only have two years to enjoy everything that Cal has to offer and the CAA Alumni Scholarship will be a key element in my having the best Berkeley experience.”

  • “For me, being a Leadership Award scholar means that I have the grit and determination it takes to be successful here at UC Berkeley.”

  • “It gives me confidence to be recognized as a Leadership Award scholar for accomplishments I have made in my life, and the award encourages me to endeavor to be a better leader in the community.”

Your Support Matters

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Your gift to CAA keeps Cal golden and the future of current Berkeley students bright.

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