Meet the Cal Alumni Association’s Alumni Scholars Program Staff

Anh Tran '06

Anh Tran ’06, M.A.
Senior Director, Scholarships Administration and Development | 510.900.8234

As senior director, Anh oversees program administration and development. She received The Leadership Award from the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) as a Cal student, and is delighted to give back to the Cal community. Anh has more than 15 years experience in volunteer and program management, education, community building, and leadership development. Anh has directed programs to serve thousands of nonprofits, including heading a national AmeriCorps project to build the capacity of local community-based organizations. She has served on numerous boards of directors, and is currently the CFO of CAA’s Prytanean Alumnae chapter and board member for Bay Nature Magazine. Anh graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in economics and mass communications and a minor in education, and received her Master’s in public administration from USC. She is currently a doctoral student in organizational change and leadership at USC. At Cal, she was involved with the REACH! Asian & Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center, UC Berkeley Public Service Center, Cal Student Leadership Symposium, and Prytanean Women’s Honor Society.


Fritzie A. de Mata ’05, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Alumni Scholars Program | 510.900.8232

Fritzie oversees the programming that supports our Alumni Scholars. She graduated from Berkeley in 2005 with degrees in English and political science. As an undergraduate, she was part of the Cal Leadership Symposium and Student Homecoming Team. She participated in service learning programs as an AmeriCorps Bonner Leader with the Cal Corps Public Service Center and as a literacy tutor for BUILD. She also helped institutionalize recycling programs in all the residence halls on campus and was an undergraduate research apprentice with URAP. She is a former Leadership Award Scholar.

After college, she worked as a reunion gift campaign assistant at UDAR before attending UC Santa Cruz for her doctorate in literature specializing in world literature, Asian American studies, critical race and ethnic studies, and critical theory. At UC Santa Cruz, she worked as a graduate student mentor with EOP’s Pathways to Research Program, assisting students on their undergraduate research and guiding them through the graduate school application process. She is committed to diversity and justice in education as manifested in her work as a scholar, teacher, and mentor and is passionate about issues relating to diaspora and migration.


Jonathan Morgan, M.A.
Associate Director, Scholarship Selection and Volunteer Engagement | 510.900.8346

Jonathan oversees the selections process of the Alumni Scholars Program. He oversees recruitment efforts, engagement opportunities, and builds new experiences for Alumni volunteers in CAA’s various scholarships programs as well as the application and scholarship interview process for prospective alumni scholars.

Jonathan attended the University of Georgia and received a B.A. in history, and the University of Rhode Island, where he received a Master’s in history. Jonathan is passionate about the intersection of nonprofit, volunteer, and education work. His previous work includes music education nonprofits and museums, where he worked with both students and volunteers to create more inclusive spaces.


Yadira Antonio, M.A.
Program Manager, Scholarship Selection

Yadira Antonio is a first-generation college graduate and native of San Jose. Prior to joining CAA as a program manager, Yadira worked as a program coordinator for The Peninsula College Fund, supporting first-generation college students from underrepresented communities in their journey through college and beyond. Although Yadira is not a Cal graduate, the university holds a special place in her professional journey. Yadira’s first job after earning her bachelor’s degree, was as a college adviser for UC Berkeley’s Destination College Advising Corps.

Yadira graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in political science and a Master’s in public policy from the University of Southern California. Yadira is passionate about supporting students, families, and communities from underrepresented communities in alleviating the barriers to education.


Vanessa Diaz ’09, M.A. ’14
Program Manager, Scholarship Selection | 510.900.8184

Vanessa Diaz leads recruitment, training, and management of alumni volunteers and works to expand the role of alumni volunteers in helping current scholars. She is a Cal grad and former recipient of both The Leadership Award and the Mildred Jordan Sharp Scholarship, and is passionate about public service and education.

At UC Berkeley, Vanessa was involved with the Public Service Center and ran multiple after-school and summer programs for underserved students in the Bay Area through the BUILD program. She was also a founding member of Cal’s chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc., an academic organization with service, community activism, and political awareness at its core. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in peace and conflict studies and a minor in education, and received her Master’s degree in human rights with her thesis focusing on the American education system.


Johanna “Yoyo” Romero ’15
Program Manager, Student Support, Alumni Scholars Program | 510.900.8208

Johanna Romero is a first generation, queer, Salvadoran woman and graduate of UC Berkeley. She received her B.A. in peace and conflict studies with a minor in global poverty and practice. As the student support coordinator for the Alumni Scholars Program, she supports scholarship recipients with professional, academic, and personal advising. Johanna brings her experiences in practicing healing justice, equitable education, racial justice and program management to build a student-led vision of academic achievement and civic engagement. Johanna has had the privilege of growing in community spaces including the UC Berkeley Public Service Center, Queer EcoJustice Project, SEEDs Community Resolution Center, Restorative Justice Center, and Spiral Gardens.


Myrtha Ortiz
Program Manager, Student Support, Alumni Scholars Program | 510.295.4072

Myrtha Ortiz is a queer first-generation Latina and UC Berkeley alumna. She received her B.A. in geography with an emphasis on urban communities and education. As the student support program manager for the Alumni Scholars Program, Myrtha enjoys supporting students in their transition into UC Berkeley while helping continuing students navigate life after Cal successfully. She strongly believes in changing systems of higher education so that first-generation, low-income and students of color have access to a college experience. Myrtha also believes that attaining higher education can become a factor for families’ access to social mobility!

As a Cal student, she was involved with the YMCA’s Teen Center, the Chicanx/Latinx Student Development Office and CED’s Center for Cities and Schools. Prior to working at CAA, Myrtha served as a College Adviser with UC Berkeley’s Center for Educational Partnerships in Richmond, CA. Myrtha is passionate (and can talk to you about) educational equity, college access, and navigating life as a first-generation professional.