The Cal Alumni Association Supports Transfer Scholars During a Remote Fall Semester

In its increased effort to support transfer students, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) held its second annual Transfer Success Dinner virtually on September 30, 2020. Three years ago, around 24% of the Alumni Scholars Program community was comprised of transfer students; this year, 30% of scholars are transfers—the largest number yet in CAA’s history.

The Transfer Success Dinner aimed to directly address the unique challenges transfer students face; not only is their time at Cal limited, but due to COVID-19, they are attending Berkeley remotely this fall semester. 33 transfer Alumni Scholars heard some advice from two seniors and Class of 2020 alums and three representatives from the Transfer Student Center, Career Center, and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships. Our scholars left the event knowing that they have a community to lean on and a support system on campus.

Watch an inspiring video from the event below.

Transfer Alumni Speakers from the Class of 2020

The presence of past transfer scholars demonstrates CAA’s ongoing support of its transfer student community. 100% of incoming transfers in the fall of 2018 graduated this past spring, and their positive experiences motivated them to stay connected with the Alumni Scholars Program.

Anthony Omole ’20

“The Cal Alumni Association was one of the organizations on campus that was actively thinking about transfer students. It just seemed like nobody understood what being a transfer student was like, or didn’t even know that transfer students existed.”

Jocelyn Lombera ’20

“As transfer students, we have a different experience and I hope that my advice and experiences can help a student. The alumni I’ve talked to and heard always had good advice. I can tell that they like to help students and I’d like to bring that same energy to transfers.”

Words of Wisdom from Past and Present Alumni Scholars

Jocelyn Lombera ’20

“The stuff that worked for me when I was in community college wasn’t always working for me when I was a transfer to Cal. I went to my professors and I asked them ‘what are some techniques that you think can help me with this,’ and I went to the Student Learning Center. It took a semester to figure out what I could do to do well, and I did do well!”

Ashneel Pratap ’21

“As transfers, you may think that there is no such thing as “too involved” because everyone is in this and that, but in reality, you have to set boundaries for yourself and realize that this is my limit and I have to put my academics first. Don’t stress yourself out because you’re still trying to learn, you’re a human, and you can’t do everything.”

Lian Elkazzaz ’21

“Being really intentional about what I put my time into and making sure that everything I put my time into are things that I really deeply enjoy. This is such a difficult time to be in this space, but especially student organizations, they’re still doing the work. We’re still trying to put out programming, it’s just a matter of being intentional with seeking them out.”

Resources and Encouragement from Key Campus Partners

Harmony Bulloch ’20: Transfer Center Peer Advisor and Alumni Scholar

“It’s just really nice having transfers, especially virtually, that are in your community. We’re always here at the Transfer Center to make sure that you all can find those connections and meet your fellow transfers.”

Sean Burns: Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

“This is an amazing moment in your life where you get to shape the next chapter of your story.”

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