Cal Alumni Survey 2011

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA), in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, conducted an email survey in an effort to understand and better serve alumni. All UC Berkeley undergraduate degree holders for whom the University has email addresses were invited to participate. More than 14,000 alumni responded, reflecting on their education and experience at Cal, reporting on their careers and interests, and sharing insight on alumni programs and services.

Experience at and Current Feelings about Cal

Respondents are overwhelmingly satisfied with their academic experience and their overall undergraduate experience. The vast majority of respondents indicated that they have a great deal of pride in their UC Berkeley degree, but fewer alumni feel as great of an emotional connection to Cal, stake in UC Berkeley’s success, and that they are still part of the Cal community.

Brand Awareness, Value, and Image

When asked how well CAA does at keeping alumni connected to the University, connecting alumni to each other, and serving all alumni, respondents indicated that CAA does best at connecting alumni to the University.


When asked about reasons for joining CAA, respondents rated their top three reasons as staying connected to the University, supporting UC Berkeley, and a love for Cal. When asked what the most valuable benefit of CAA membership is, California magazine was rated as the most valuable.


Respondents who are CAA donors report that maintaining UC Berkeley’s status as the number one public university, staying connected to UC Berkeley, and ensuring exceptional students can attend UC Berkeley regardless of ability to pay as their top reasons for giving.

Programs and Services

Respondents noted that that the top three CAA programs in which they participate are Membership, California magazine, and CAA-sponsored Athletics events. On average, 90% of respondents who participate in CAA programs would recommend the program to a fellow alum.

California Magazine

Eighty-seven percent of CAA members surveyed believe that California magazine is either a very valuable or somewhat valuable membership benefit.

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Who won the ipad????
As always, the CAA self aggrandizes with spin on the results. The CAA is all about the CAA, not about Cal, and the questions reflect that. The CAA divides alumni loyalty between the CAA and Cal, and only includes members. Not a single one of my fellow undergraduate alumni in my major in my year are CAA members. Therefore, they are disenfranchised. The CAA is for people who go to Tuck Coop’s favorite charity: the lair of the golden bear. All the rest of us are chopped liver and need not apply.
I disagree w/Ananymous… Additionally she/he doesn’t have the nerve to give his/her name…. Plus, I enjoy the “California Magazine,” and I enjoyed the terrific tour to Greece thru Cal Discoveries Travel I took 2 years ago…
The grand prize was the choice between a week-long stay at the Lair of the Golden Bear, the Cal Alumni Association’s family camp in the Sierra Nevada, or a two-night stay at the Pinecrest Chalet, CAA’s mountain resort in Pinecrest, CA. Our grand prize winner selected a week at the Lair of the Golden Bear. Congratulations to our grand prize winner and the thirty other alumni who won a $100 gift certificate.
My husband and I are proud members of Cal Alumni chiefly because we are proud of our UCB affiliation. We regard the CAA services as a bonus. California Magazine is appreciated in our home. Sandy King
You didn’t post survey results about how many alumni are saddled with debt in the form of student loans upon graduation from UC Berkeley, and how that effects graduates…. and our current salaries!
Isn’t the lair of the golden bear’ where they have all those video games and stuff in the basement? why would someone wanna spend a week down there? how about giving away a REAL trip next time please ?
Living in Britain, everyone recognises the Berkeley brand positively when I ask if they’ve heard of it when the question of where I went to uni comes up. Were it not for Cal, there are many entitlements I would never receive and I think more needs to be done to give back to Cal from us - it’s not a one-way street. The Cal magazine is a great perk we should never take for granted and staying connected to the university is made far easier due to CAA, its websites and publications. The alumni networks abroad are strong and the people here are always willing to help those on the homefront thinking of making the move, such as myself 16 years ago. In addition, career opportunities are made stronger with the Cal connection. I will always be appreciative of my time at Berkeley, wear my class ring with pride over here, and the Brits love it.
It saddens me greatly to say that what had been the “Crown Jewel” of California has turned to lead because UC regents, administrators and scholars have marginalized the people of California they are supposed to serve. The worst consequences of this cultural failure are the political, economic, educational and environmental decline and fall of California over the last couple of decades, putting the future for our youngest generations in grave jeopardy. Interesting that I had my Freedom of Speech right revoked during the 60s, and again in this new century. Too bad Cal doesn’t practice what some of the professors teach, that Freedom of Speech is a constitutional right of all Americans, especially when the future of civilization is threatened and someone speaks out to protect the quality of life for future generations, just like we fought for civil rights in the 60s. So UC regents and administrators are threatening us again to hide their corruption from the public at a time when their gross negligence threatens to destroy the entire California education system.
Nice analysis and the charts says lots of things, thanks for sharing it with us.

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