Keeping California Strong

UC Berkeley’s impact on California ranges far and wide, from educating tens of thousands of students to moving the state’s economy forward. Now, we need California’s continued support to keep Cal thriving.

UC Berkeley is committed to educating california’s students. 74% of current UC Berkeley undergraduate students are California residents. Including 1,380 more California resident undergraduates enrolled in 2016 than 2015.

Cal alumni boost California’s economy. 2,610 companies founded by UC Berkeley alumni. 55% of these are based in the bay area. Creating 1,247,490 jobs. $238 billion in economic output nationwide.

UC Berkeley is doing more with less state support. Bar chart: Total Campus Budget from state support. 27% in 2007. 13% in 2017. Bar chart: Total Campus Budget from tuition and fees. 18% in 2007. 32% in 2017.

Join us in standing up for Cal. Register for Cal Advocacy to fightfor UC Berkeley and remind your legislators about the importance of public higher education.

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