Young Alumni News

For the past 150 years, UC Berkeley has been a bastion of ground-breaking research and innovation and a place where many minds have come for nurturing and education. The university’s alumni have gone on to become Nobel Laureates, Peace Corps volunteers, Olympic medalists, and Forbes list honorees—many of whom are young alumni within ten years of graduation.

The Cal Alumni Association has been reaching out to some of Cal’s young alumni to learn more about their accomplishments since graduation and to spotlight some of the incredible work they’ve done. Read more about our young alumni here:

David entered Cal as a re-entry student and only studied at Berkeley for two years, but during his time there, he became a student parent and an executive producer of the film Gook.
When Kateri was 14, she envisioned herself starting her own business. Now, she is the co-founder of Los Angeles’ first cooperatively-owned coffee shop, Collective Avenue Coffee.
Amber’s humble goals of making friends and graduating from Cal grew to include co-founding the company that is changing ocean conservation.