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Blue & Gold Yearbook

CAA members receive 25% off all yearbooks.

A Blue & Gold yearbook rests on a table showing two pages celebrating Cal winning the Big Game.

Membership Benefit

CAA members save 25% on all purchases from the Blue & Gold Yearbook. Yearbook copies are available for dates ranging from the early 20th century to the present day.

To Receive the Discount

CAA members can use this link to visit the Blue & Gold Yearbook online store and automatically receive a 25% discount, or use code BG-CAADISCOUNT at checkout to receive the discount.

About the Blue & Gold Yearbook

Since 1875, the Blue & Gold Yearbook has been the official yearbook of UC Berkeley. Providing readers with coverage of events, issues, and trends within the student community, our organization strives to truthfully encapsulate the current, unique Berkeley identity from the student perspective.

Composed of over 70 individuals who produce, market, and distribute the yearbook, the Blue & Gold Yearbook is a financially self-sufficient organization with sponsorship from the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC).

Photo courtesy of the Blue & Gold Yearbook