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Corporate Alumni Programming

Career Management and Development

Our Berkeley Network Corporate Program is designed to bring alumni connectivity right to your workplace! By establishing a Cal Corporate Alumni Committee within your organization, you can participate in events that enhance your career and lifestyle. We “meet you where you are,” and make it easy for you to attend a variety of programs supported by CAA. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our alumni community by providing career networking and lifestyle activities that strengthen your connection to Cal alumni build your personal and professional network.

For You and Your Workplace

Benefits for Cal Alumni
Benefits for Cal Alumni
  • Jobs & Career Opportunities
  • Networking Events
  • Work-Life Balance Series
  • Alumni Updates
  • Career Development
  • New Clients/Business Opportunities
Benefits for the Corporation
Benefits for the Corporation
  • Talent Management and Acquisition
  • Referrals, Recruitment, References
  • Goodwill & Morale

Wells Fargo Cal Corporate Alumni Committee

Google Cal Corporate Alumni Committee

Bank of America Cal Corporate Alumni Committee



If you would like to start an on-site Cal Alumni Committee at your place of work, please contact The Berkeley Network at