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Lair of the Golden Bear

Highly Recommended: Trip Insurance

March 4, 2022
close up of daisies with sunlight shining through Photo by Kevin Kitsuda

In these challenging days with many unknowns, we are encouraging campers to purchase trip insurance. There are many options and you are free to use any insurance company you like. As a service, we are providing information from Meyer and Associates, a partner of the Lair of the Golden Bear and Cal Alumni Association, as they are offering two travel insurance plans through Travel Insured International (TII) as options to consider as you search.

Both options include a variety of benefits, yet no policy can insure against every risk. Please be aware of the time-sensitive material, as each policy offers slightly different coverage and benefits. Some features, such as the pre-existing condition waiver, are provided only if you apply within 21 days from the date of your tent confirmation (for campers submitting booking requests before February 28, the date of confirmation is March 16 and will be communicated via email to campers who booked this summer).

For full details about the trip insurance plans offered through Meyer and Associates, AND to get a quick quote online, please visit their website:

If you have any questions about the coverage provided by TII, please email Meyer and Associates directly at or call them at 866.679.7836. Their team is well versed in the insurance policies they offer, and their insurance is available to all campers.