Cal Discoveries Travel Lecturer Interview Series

Cal Discoveries Travel plans and operates educational travel opportunities around the world. We partner with UC Berkeley-affiliated lecturers to enhance the strong educational component of the trips. We invite you to dive deeper with these interviews to learn more about the lecturers, how they prepare for the trips, and the role they play while on tour.

Professor Vincent H. Resh | Ethiopia | May 22, 2020

Professor Alex Filippenko | Rhine Family Cruise and Egypt Cruise, 2021 | Jun. 11, 2020

Dr. Vernard Lewis | Journey to Brazil, 2021 | Jun. 15, 2020

Dianne Fukami | Along Central Asia’s Silk Road, 2021 | Jun. 18, 2020

Professor Tim Duane | Israel:Timeless Wonders, 2021 | Jun. 25, 2020

Dr. Nadesan Permaul | Journey Along the Elbe River, 2021 | Jul. 8, 2020

We will continue to add additional videos, please check back for added content.