The Leadership Award: International Scholarship Chairs

International Scholarship Chairs oversee the local interview process for incoming freshmen. The position requires collaboration with fellow alumni, applicants, and the Alumni Scholarships Department at the Cal Alumni Association (CAA). International interviews will be conducted virtually, in person, or both, depending on finalists’ proximity to the Scholarship Chair.

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Job Description

Scholarship Chairs report to the Program Manager of Volunteer Engagement.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Cal alumna or alumnus in good standing with the Alumni Scholarships Department and Cal Alumni Association.
  • Resident of one of the countries in your district.
  • Light availability (1-2 hours per week, fluctuating) from March through May 2020.
  • Increased availability (10-20 hours) in June and/or July 2020 (Note: time required varies greatly depending on district and number of finalists to interview. Most international districts do not usually yield a high volume of interviews, but the numbers fluctuates from year to year).
  • Experience using Skype, FaceTime, and/or Google Hangouts and ability to connect reliably to the internet.
  • Ability to secure a venue for interviews if in-person interviews are logistically feasible in your district. Note: CAA does not provide funding.
  • Availability to host interview event(s)—virtual and/or in-person—between June and July 2020.


Build a strong local team:

  • Recruit local alumni volunteers.
  • Train all volunteers before permitting them to serve on an interview panel.
  • Communicate with volunteers as necessary.

Prepare for and oversee interviews:

  • If needed in your country: procure an appropriate venue for in-person interviews, to be held in June or July.
  • Coordinate interviews—virtual (or if possible in-person)—for all applicants in your assigned district.
  • Conduct interview event(s) and follow up with CAA staff as necessary.
  • Utilize Google Apps to view training materials, manage interviewees assigned to the district, and print materials.

Adhere to CAA and Alumni Scholarships Department policy:

  • Read the CAA Scholarship Chair Guide and sign all necessary agreement forms.
  • Declare in writing that you do not have a conflict of interest (e.g., someone you know is applying to Cal or you work in secondary education or for an educational company/organization).
  • Agree to the terms of the Data Management Protocol Agreement.
  • Complete Scholarship Chair training provided by CAA, including all mandatory conference calls and training sessions.
  • At least a month in advance of the interviews, provide CAA with a list of alumni who will serve on your volunteer panel.
  • Conduct all interviews in English.
  • Submit all interviewing paperwork to CAA.
  • Respond promptly to emails and voicemails from the Program Manager.


  • Connect with fellow Cal alumni in your area.
  • Give back to your community, CAA, and Cal.
  • Engage with future Cal Bears.
  • Help select the next class of top student leaders receiving The Leadership Award.
  • Refine your organizational and leadership skills.

Support from CAA Alumni Scholarships

  • Training: comprehensive training on all parts of the position.
  • Scholarship Chair Meetings: facilitation of opportunities to interact with other Scholarship Chairs, gain clarification on duties or responsibilities, and share best practices.
  • Electronic materials for outreach to alumni and applicants: approved text, flyers, and templates.
  • Leads for volunteer recruitment: a list of volunteers currently in your district, distributed for the sole purpose of recruiting alumni volunteers (contingent upon signing the Data Management Protocol Agreement).